★ About me


~(=^・ω・^) meow~

Short bio:
网名: Konayachi コナヤチ
生日: 1992年10月26日
身高: 1.65 m
血型: O
Who are you?

I am a blogger cat who spend my days by drawing doodles, playing games, watching movies, daydreaming and exercising.

What are you like?
I used to call myself as an introvert but I realised that I hate being alone.

I love to spend my me-time but I also love having people around me and listening to their stories.

p.s. My bullshit tolerance is high. I enjoy it.
What are your hobbies?

◆ Writing blog, obviously.
◆ Taking pictures. Mostly sky pictures, city skylines, plants, animals and foods. Also, people.
◆ Drawing doodles. It has been flowing in my blood-pipes.
◆ Playing games. Mostly casual, but I also love trying new things.
◆ Petting animals. They are the purest living creatures in this world.
◆ Watching movies. Or drama. Or shows. Or anime. Anything that can take me out from reality for a while.
◆ Exercising. I exhale curses and inhale positive energy.

What are your dreams?
◆ I used to dream to be a voice actress. Didn't pursue it further because I don't speak crisp clear.
◆ Then an engineer. Didn't pursue it further because I suck in math.
◆ Also, an architect. Didn't pursue it further for same reason above.
◆ Then, to study IT. I failed because I suck in math, I pursued IS instead.
◆ After that, to graduate Bachelor of IS. Graduated with 3.82/4.00, mission accomplished!
◆ After that, to start my career in a consulting company. Half of my heart didn't want it. Universe knew it, so nobody called me back.
◆ Then, I wanted to work in a fun company. Universe heard my wish, so now I work in a video games company.

More of my little dreams are listed in my bucket-list of dreams.

What are your complexes?
◆ I am 60% introvert and 40% extrovert. Ambivert with introvert tendency.
◆ I am an extreme person. I behave nicely outside, and I murder people inside my head at the same time.
◆ I am family oriented. If you disturb them, I murder you inside my head.
◆ At some times, I hate all my very good friends and abandon them for a day or two for no reason.
◆ I double any kindness given to me. I also double any shit given to me.
◆ I easily lose weight, and even easier to gain it back.
◆ I love short hair but I have no courage to cut my hair short.

What are your guilty pleasures?
(Secretly) Learning about people.

I stare at their eyes, drill deep inside their minds and hearts. I analyse them, their movements, their unconscious habits, their favourites and their dislikes, what makes them happy and what upsets them. I stare at their entire body, both sexually and not. I learn their traits, physically and mentally.

And if I need it, I can use all these information at them.
What attracts you?

◆ Talkative people. People who share a lot of stories attract me!
◆ Neat people. I love people who are clean and tidy.
◆ Humorist people. I love people who love to tell jokes and laugh. (It is purely because my humour sense is so lame).
◆ Open minded people. They are very interesting.
◆ Hardworking people. They are my source of inspiration.
◆ Animal lovers. They earn 100/100 from me!
◆ Comfy ambience: cool wind with warm wrappers + starry sky after sunset.
What turns you off?

◆ Crowds.
◆ Liars. I cannot forgive liars.
◆ Arrogant people. They are so shallow!
◆ Narcissist. People who talk about themselves all time, but also never listen back.
◆ Dirty people. People who don't care about their appearance, are smelly and filthy.
◆ Wasteful people. People who spend so much money for bragging.
◆ Masochist. People who self-pity and victimize themselves.
◆ Complainers. People who waste time complaining rather than doing something about it.

p.s. Mostly people, huh?

What kind of things do you like?
◆ Soft toys. I know they listen to what I am thinking about.
◆ Figure actions. I love their details.
◆ Collectible stuff. I love to see entire collectibles set. I feel complete to complete a set.
◆ Video games. I am always excited to immerse myself in a brand new world.
◆ Animals. They are kinder and more pure than any humans in this world.
◆ Hello Kitty. My most favourite kitty and brand.
◆ Wish me Mell. My most favourite bunny and brand.
◆ Cosplays. It is fun to become someone else sometimes.
◆ Colourful drawings. It is amazing how all these talented people can pour so many colours into one canvas of beauty.
◆ Clear day skies. I often imagine myself diving deep into those blue skies.
◆ Starry night skies. Sparkling stars are so gorgeous.
◆ Sunsets. It is the best view in this world.
◆ Sea. Because nobody knows how deep is the deepest sea.
◆ Really good foods. It makes me very happy.
◆ Ice cream. It makes me very happy #2.
◆ Holidays. Because I love traveling without having to worry about my responsibilities, once in a while.
◆ Swimming. It makes me very happy #3. Also, water is part of my life. I grow up with it.
◆ Hugs. With my favourite people. It is warm. It smells good. It is so exciting.

When did you start blogging?
09 March 2009.

Why do you blog?
My brain is so noisy everyday. I don't like noisy brain. So I let go some of the thoughts and words my brain produces on daily basis, 24/7.

Also, I like writing about literally anything. I like typing, it is so fun. I like writing stories. Blog is one of the best medium I use to write. I also write on my OneNote and on my hp Notes app.

What do you blog about?
Initially it was about my gum surgeries.

But as time goes by, I start to write about my thoughts. I also share pictures that I take, my life experiences, school stories, university stories, work stories, love bits, movie reviews, food journals, cooking journals, self achievements, travelogues and adventures.

What do you use to blog?
I use free-hosted blog at blogger.com, and a custom domain.

What do you use to take pictures?
I mostly use Ginny (Casio Exilim TR150) and sometimes my HP camera (Sony Xperia).