Thursday, October 12, 2017

Flying with Garuda

Recently I had a solo backpacker trip with some flights to take, and I wanted to entrust my flights to those very good airlines.

So I booked my flight with Garuda!

Long time ago, I flew with Garuda once to Bali.
It was a really fun experience because it was my first flight ever.

Then, the flights I had after that were all budget flights due to cost saving and short flights that I think it would be bearable to be packed in super small airplanes.

But the services and the punctuality is really really different that I would always think to return to Garuda again and again.. 😃

Talk about a business that makes people come back to you more.

Garuda is so much different now than more than a decade ago! They improved a lot.

They have in-flight TV!

Is it only me who is surprised with this or is it really new?


They give a huge box of snacks even though it is a short flight!

Sky Views

Saw pretty sunset glow on my flight.


Going to land soon already?!

Thank you Garuda for making my short flight experience amazing! 💖

Kona ♥

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