Thursday, September 14, 2017

LON: Legend of Noodle

Uncle Sea has been wanting to try to go to LON: Legend of Noodle for so long but he only wanted to try it with so many people.

So, count me in!
I will be very very happy to try new food! 😋

Outside look.

The welcome snack is a tiny plate of Kimchi. A no go for me, though. 😶

The menu specialties.

Their recommended menu is the Jjajang-myeon.
And for me, it is the menu that attract my appetite the most!

A huge portion of noodle drenched with a thick, black bean sauce with savory flavor. 😋

Indoor restaurant view.

Fried rice with Jjajang sauce and salad.

A very new combination I just saw. Looks yummy!

Braised pork.

There is Braised beef as another option if you would prefer beef. 😉

Tender and savory.

Extremely huge portion Jjampong!

It looks like it is a shared portion. It is super spicy to the point it hurted me.
Some of my family member love it though..

I just have to run away from spicy food because it hurts me a lot! 😭


I thought the middle-high price range is due to the exclusive flavor only.
But they are also super generous in cooking it as big portion!

Extremely huge plate with this big Jjajangmyeon portion made me happy~ 😍

Slurp slurp 💖

Spicy sweet sour crunchy deep fried dish. (Either pork or chicken I didn't remember)

If only it has less spiciness.. I would love this.. 😉

Thank God It's Patbingsoo!

After all those spiciness, Patbingsoo helped to cool down my tongue!
Vanilla flavored Patbingsoo with chocolate, red bean, cashews and almonds! 😍💕

Thank you LON for making my dinner amazing.

Kona ♥

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