Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Nanamia Pizzeria Tirtodipuran

Few weeks ago I had a BBQ outing with my colleagues at Nanamia Pizzeria Tirtodipuran.

It is my second colleagues dinner together, and my first BBQ session after ages! 🍖🍢🍤

↑ Outdoor restaurant. Be careful of mosquitos..
(I didn't remember catching one, though).

↑ Grilling place provided for us.

↑ Grilling time!

↑ Grilling beef.

Beef is not my liking--I much much much much prefer chicken, and always select 'chicken steak' wherever applicable. The 'gacha' system in eating beef (will you get hard beef or soft beef?) is a risk I prefer not to take.

I do know awesome steak house which provide almost 95% drop rate of super soft beef steak though, will feature them in another post!

↑ Skewer skewer.

It was a nice, breezy evening. Had some games with colleagues and it was fun. Got to know them better. (after 1.5 years? Seriously?)

↑ My BBQ platter.

Not lucky. Had a side of the beef steak hard. 😭 The others are fine.

◆ Beef steak is good except the hard side.
◇ Chicken is fine.
◆ Prawn is so so. (I only took a bite, afraid of rashes)
◇ Tomatoes are good.
◆ Potatoes are good.
◇ Bagel is normal (Just like normal bagel?).
◆ Mozzarella mushroom is good.
◇ Skewers are nice (Chicken and tuna, I got chicken).

Didn't order more food because this much was already too much to us. I know, though, that Nanamia makes great pizza and pasta. On my next visit, I will definitely order their pizza and pasta! 😋

Would recommend this place for you who likes to spend your breezy evening in a fun, romantic place, with great pizza and pasta. They make huge portions with normal ranged price too! Worth the money!

Kona ♥

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