Thursday, August 17, 2017

I play: LINE Tsum Tsum

Do you have LINE account?
Or at least, do you have Facebook account?

Then, do you like Disney?
Or at least, do you like cute and fluffy stuff?

If you answer 'yes' in any of questions above, then you should check this out:

LINE Tsum Tsum

It happens to be on 'Finding Nemo' Time Limited Event! ♥

It is an ultra kawaii mobile game you have to install in your smartphone!

Genre: Puzzle, Casual
Audience: Mostly female, teenager to adult, 16 - 50 years old
Mode: Single player, online (unable to play this game offline)
Extra feature: Gyro sensor

Featuring Disney Tsum Tsum, you will be playing connecting games with all the cute Tsums to clear missions and reach goals.

Main Menu

Once you press 'TAP TO START' you will be brought to the first screen of the game:

Main UI (User Interface) is all shown here!

As a Game Designer, I super approve this UI layout. 👍
Very neat and it has everything in one sight! 😍

It is the definition of simplicity hidden in cute cover.

1: Level progress
2: Coins (soft currency)
3: Rubies (hard currency)
4: Hearts, the count of how many times user can play in one go
5: Extra hearts, apart from the 5-slot hearts. This will be replaced by heart-generator timer when the slot is not full of hearts. (Timer is normally 15 minutes for a heart)
6: Message box, for the game to deliver bonuses and for friends to send hearts
7: Weekly ranking timer, a countdown to reset weekly scores
8: Friend list, here we can see our highest score of the week along with our friends. Eh, me is first rank ah? 🤔
9: Options button, will open Settings screen
10: Daily mission progress. There will be 3 missions a day, 500 coins for each mission completed. Sometimes they have events where the coins for each mission will be boosted to 2,000 coins for each mission. Wow!
11: Invite friends button, will open Friends list screen who don't play Tsum Tsum. Inviting them will earn you 500 coins. But you can only invite them once. I only invited 30 friends to get the Alien Tsum Tsum. 😆
12: Card button, to open Bingo cards which are full of missions we can work on! This button will also open TLE (Time Limited Event) hub which we can work on to get so many generous rewards and super cute and time-limited Tsum Tsums!
13: Play! button, to proceed to the game.
14: My Tsum button, will open My Tsum screen.


First (as Designer's habit) we take a look at Options screen:

Normal Options screen shows there.. Oh wait!

This game supports Gyro sensor! How interesting!
Further explanation will be on gameplay section below ↓

The good news is, if you decide to change your smartphone, you can carry your game progress becasue there is an option to log in with your accounts so you can retrieve your game progress:

You can connect with either your LINE account or Facebook account. Or both.

I tried to connect with both for now, and the friends list increased a lot. I will keep it connected as long as my score remains the highest, but once someone surpasses my score, I will disconnect Facebook hahaha. #competitive

Player Stats

Let's go to my Player Stats screen that can be accessed from Main Menu (right beside our score):

This is my Player Stats. I have been playing since November 2015.
Almost two years hor?! #loyalplayer #notawhaleyet

Not bad ah, I have destroyed 900K+ Tsums. 👿

6 million pts. (points) is my limit.. I still haven't reached 10 million pts. yet, sadz. My goal is 14 million pts., while I read on Reddit some people can easily reach 15 million pts. with a fully skilled Tsum.

And for 2 years, I have collected 51 Tsums! 😍💖

My Tsum

Collection of My Tsums can be seen on My Tsum button, which will bring you to this screen:

It shows the Tsums we already own and their stats.

The current My Tsum that I set is this Beast from Beauty and the Beast. I have been playing with Beast for a while because it is a quite powerful Tsum that collects TONS of coins.

Each Tsum has their own ability and skills, we can play with any Tsum that we want depends on what goal that we want to achieve, or depends on what kind of game style that we play.

For me personally, the following are the Tsums I play with the most:

1: Lightning McQueen (Cars)
Actually he is a very ordinary Tsum, but I just happened to level up his skill so many times so he gives me great scores.

2: Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
He gives lots of coins! Also, his skill is great. The only drawback is that he needs SO MANY Tsums to activate his skill, so in one game I can only use his skill once or twice.. Bummer.

3: Hawaiian Stitch (Lilo and Stitch)
I like his skill.. That's it. 🤷

4: Elsa (Frozen)
The first Tsum that I like! Sadly I haven't gotten the chance to level her up.

5: Miss Bunny (Bambi)
A Tsum with nice skill. Miss Bunny helps a lot in many objectives and event missions.

6: Rattle Bones Pluto (Mickey and Friends)
Because Pluto is my most favourite Disney character and this character is Halloween special (I love Halloween)!

7: Steamboat Minnie (Steamboat Willy)
Another special edition Tsum that I like!

Basically, this game is, no matter what kind of Tsum, if we level Tsum to its highest level, they will give us good scores in the game. I tend to grow a liking to one particular Tsum, usually. But when I am motivated to finish quests, I will choose another Tsums to complete the goals faster so I can do something else.

Eh, even when playing game, I also would still worry about my house chores ah?! 😑

Then, how do we level up Tsums?

How do we get Tsums, first of all?

Can we buy what we want?

Uh-huh.. 🙅

No game developer lets you get what you want that easily! Game developers want you to spend more time and (eventually) use your real money to get what you want!

So, LINE Tsum Tsum implements the most annoying yet satisfying kind of store: Gacha store! It is reskinned as 'Tsum Tsum Store'.

Tsum Tsum Store

1: Ads. Tsum Tsum often releases Time Limited Tsum, which means there are certain Premium Tsums that will be available for only a while. At the moment, the Premium Tsums are Moana and Maui. There is 'Lucky Chance' for both of them happening now.
2: Happiness Box Button. Cost you 10,000, this Gacha box will give you basic Tsums: Mickey and friends and Winnie the Pooh and friends.
3: Premium Box Button. Cost you 30,000, this Gacha box will give you premium Tsums from SO MANY IPs! Complete list is here.
4: List Button. It will show you what Tsums are available for the Gacha store.

My luck in Gacha has never been 'Very good'.. #deepsigh

LINE diligently releases new Tsums every few weeks, makes the drop rate of the Tsums that I want smaller and smaller. Argh! Frustrated!


It is a connect-to-erase game, but unlike the common Match-3 games like Candy Crush or its families, this game doesn't have any layout.

1: Timer. One minute countdown, for the game duration.
2: Score bar that you work on.
3: Coins bar that you earn.
4: To pause the game. I love how big, bright, yet it is far from our finger's reach. Easy to tap, but very hard to accidentally tap. Good job, Mr./ Ms. designers!
5: Game platform. The active area to tap.
6: My Tsum. Clear My Tsum to activate his skill. When it turns yellow, you can tap on it to activate his skill.
7: Fever bar. Will fill up when you clear many Tsums. When it gets full we will get Fever mode.
8: Fan button. To manually 'shuffle' the Tsums. Very cute hor?!

Huh? Looking at those Tsums, so messy then how to connect? 😮

Worry not, the gameplay is extremely simple!

From screen above, there are so many connecting possibilities.. Let me show you:

There are already 6 possibilities, right?! Cool!

The game will also flash one possibility of connection.. Look at the Hawaiian Stitch above that are supposed to be flashy..

Easy game? Eh, not really leh.. 😉

With much thoughts given into the physic, when you erase Tsums, other Tsums will fall.. Tsums keep moving, just like cute little dolls falling down to each other. Super cute?!

Oh, remember the Gyro sensor from the Options screen? By turning it on, your Tsums will follow the gravity in real life! Very cute!

If you are currently stressed, switch the Gyro sensor on and shake shake shake your phone to shake the Tsums! #shiok 😄😈

I never switch the Gyro sensor on because I always play on my bed. Ugh, my eyes.. #guiltypleasure

So, you connect the Tsums like that. The Fever bar will fill up. Keep going..

Stuff you will encounter.

Big Tsums: counted as 5 Tsums. Great for making long chains.
Magical Bubbles: clear it to clear the Tsums on its surrounding.

Keep playing..

Wah! Fever mode! Quick clear Tsums for bonus score!

Wah! My Tsum button turns yellow! Can use Beast skill!

Time Up? 😑

Then there is the usual summary of the score we get from that round.

Anyway it is a casual game to play before you sleep or when you are waiting for the train to come. No pressure given (which is a great thing!) except TLEs, where you are racing with time to earn awesome rewards.

Have fun!

Kona ♥


  1. LOL!!

    I havent finish reading this post but I have to comment first;
    this is how I feel about playing LINE Play. although not as ambitious. coz in LINE Play i only collect coins, do hi5, and give hearts. kekeke

    will continue reading now.

    LOVE at how detail your post is! those screencaps! I mean, I was about to ask you "can I copy this post but change it to LINE Play?" but then i remember that I'm a lazy person. LOL

    I'm giving this post A++ for all those screencaps effort.

    1. LOL! Don't worry. I didn't bother to read any more too.. bcs too long.. I almost gave up halfway writing this too -__-

      You should do this kind of post for LINE Play! I was thinking to do this kind of post for LINE Play but for now I need my rest (few months of it, lol)

      Ohhhh lol now on LINE Play I only send hearts, take my daily reward, and pet animals. I am even too lazy to hi5 XD

      Feel free to copy the post and change the screencaps, btw!! ;)

      I am too lazy to make this kind of thing again now.. lol.. Maybe when you post this kind of post for LINE Play, I might be motivated again! :P

      Thank you very much!!


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