Friday, August 4, 2017

I grew my long hair back?!

Yes, in my dream.

I dreamt I grew my hair back to a very thick, black and straight long hair--the natural hair that I have. It felt amazing. I felt so happy looking at myself in the mirror, looking at how my long hair flies by the wind, looking at it fell down on its place with a hint of refreshing shampoo fragrance.

I also had fringe, something I have been thinking for a while.

For the longest time, I wanted to grow my fringe because it requires maintenance. My lifestyle goal is that I want to have the littlest and simplest maintenance for my body for convenience, yet it remains pretty. Thus, I grew my fringe off.

It didn't take that long to grow it back. A year to two years is enough. Much less maintenance for that front hair felt so good and refreshing, and I feel so much more comfortable in my appearance. I grow to love myself more by letting my hair grow its natural style.

2012: the year I had the longest hair in my life.

Last month to be exact, I cut it to the shortest length after almost a decade of keeping it long. The regret feeling doesn't exist.. I guess, I have grown the feeling out.

Besides, hair will always grow. I like to see the growth process in the photos I am going to take.. So, see you again in a year or two, hair!

Now, I start to have this question every girl has, lingering in my head:

Shall I cut my fringe? 😨

I am so tempted to cut it like this:

Thin fringe.

So cute right?!

But I don't have wide forehead to hide.. And also, the thought of fringe grows super fast is terrifying..

I don't know..

Kona ♥


  1. whole of my life, I've always have long hair but for few years now, I've cut them shoulder length and it become addicting. Earlier this year, I cut it shorter, below my ear, I feel so refresh. LOL
    but it's getting longer now, and I duno if I want to keep growing them or cut them short again.
    all I'm saying is, cut your fringe.


    1. I know that struggle!!! Grow them or cut them?! The feeling of fresh cut is amazingggg!! XD
      LOL! My sis said the same!! I will think about it then. Thank you very much!