Sunday, August 6, 2017

Guava juice


I dislike guava. 😠

The lingering taste is hated by my taste-buds.

I am picky in eating--I won't eat what I dislike. But there are extreme kind of foods that people frown upon but I still eat (e.g. Durian).

Guava is one fruit I avoid the most to eat. Ironically, guava juice is one of the most commonly available in restaurants.

I want mango juice or lime juice, at times they refuse and they offer me "How about guava..?" instead.


My family--three of them--loves guava. They said guava is so good, refreshing, sweet, pink, etc. and I cannot trust them.

I trust my nose. 😤


Actually I cannot deny that the flesh colour is pink and cute.

It looks so refreshing,
it actually smells so refreshing,
I recall guava being really juicy and sweet,
and now I doubt the part of me that declare that I dislike guava.

Weirdly, now, at 03:24 in the morning, I crave for guava juice!? 😨

So here, a random sketch of Guava, with Guava-coloured hair, and refreshing outfit.

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