Sunday, August 27, 2017

Food, Fooder, Foodest #2

Ever since I got my blood test result a few weeks ago, I was advised to avoid foods high in purine due to high concentrated uric acid. 😭

The rough list will be:

◆ Peas
◇ Cashews
◆ Sardines
◇ Red meat
Emping melinjo (melinjo cracker)

Noooooooo! My favourite things to eat la please boohoo! 😭

I don't mind stopping red meat and sardines since I consider those two as luxury, but peas and cashews are too good. Emping melinjo is the best cracker ever, nobody is going to stop me eating it!

I also don't stop immediately as I might have bad withdrawal, because the moment I told my body I won't eat cashews any more is the moment my brain creates craving hormones of fresh fried cashews!

My body is too spoilt. Good job body! Because life is for food! 👍

↑ Salted duck egg! First half for breakfast, second half for lunch. 
😭 Too lazy to find meal on Sunday.

↑ Roadside hawker food on highland! 
I believe the very cool weather makes these street food multiple times yummier.

↑ Egg toast + cheese, and grilled corn + cheese. I am so cheesey. 😋🍞🌽

↑  Baked potato and broccoli. One lunch I had at work. Too hungry! 😭

↑ Baked macaroni cheese and souffle for lunch at work. Not bad lei?
(I lack of vegetables recently..)

↑ Salted egg chicken with fries by Endog (instagram: @endog.saltedegg).
Ordered in advance (Pre-order system). Quite nice! 😋

↑ Home made soto by le mum. This time, it tasted so good! 👍
(Or maybe it is me who has been taking things for granted?)

↑ Fish and Chips by Gigglebox. Their Chicken Maryland is still my favourite so far!

Kona ♥


  1. noohhhhh!!
    I wasn't ready for Food post!
    I feel so attacked right now
    and hungry.

    1. LOL. Attack!!
      I love salted egg tooooooo!! <3


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