Monday, August 7, 2017

Food, Fooder, Foodest #1

"Food, Fooder, Foodest" will be my eating compilation posts outside the food I personally review in featured posts!

This post series is basically about "Look at all these things I am paying that I am going to process into tons of shit!" 😐

Greedy babi like me cannot resist trying to eat many yummy food~ 😋🐷

Favourite Gado-Gado Colombo. Always returning for their super crispy bakwan!

Random Chinese food restaurant I had after work. Not that good, I am not coming back.

From the snack bar inside TransMart Maguwo. 
They surprisingly make super yummy you tiao 油条!

The infamous Bakmi Gajah Mada I had when I went Jakarta.. Yay for fried dumpling!

Mee tarik 拉面 I had at Mie Laiker, Grand Indonesia. 
Noodles is my staple food! 💕

I love the dirtied McFlurry (McFlurry Oreo) because Oreo is yum yummy.

The lunch I have been eating at work! 😭

Chicken Maryland I had after my hospital check up! I ate this at GiggleBox. 
They make super huge portions with great price. Recommended!

Life for food!

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