Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Duck King Noodle & Kitchen


On image, left to right from the top:
1. Roasted duck pulled noodle
2. Har gow
3. The Duck King mapo tofu
4. Roasted honey chicken
5. Spicy beef pulled noodle

As Chinese food lovers 🐷, I love to try the newly opened Chinese food restaurants around me. The Duck King Noodle & Chicken now has become one of my favourite so far!

I have known The Duck King 帝王鸭 restaurants since 2011 (My first try was when I was at University). I love their Peking Duck: a dish made of crispy duck skin with barbecue sauce, wrapped in not-so-thin wonton wrapper with a slice of cucumber inside.

The newly opened The Duck King Noodle & Kitchen is a quite new restaurant, but it has garnered lots of attention.. Especially mine. 😍

Their special dish: Pulled Noodle 拉面 is extremely good 💕 I have been returning to this restaurant four times (and increasing) just for their awesome pulled noodle.

From their huge variety of pulled noodle dishes, I have tried:
- Savory beef pulled noodle
- Spicy beef pulled noodle
- Char siew chicken pulled noodle
- Roasted honey chicken pulled noodle
- Roasted duck pulled noodle

My favourite, so far, is the Savory beef pulled noodle and the Roasted duck pulled noodle! 😋💖

Hen sedap~ 好吃神经病 😂👍

Definitely a recommended restaurant for family gathering, and Chinese food lovers like me!
(´ ∀ ` *)

Kona ♥


  1. *insert emoji with drools*
    yum food photo as always!
    There is one pulled noodle place near my workplace; and I only ever try one dish; butter chicken. SO YUM! they have other varieties but I'm the most adventurous when it come to food heheh

    HI Jess, long time I no comment! xD

    1. Oooh butter chicken I know!! It is so yummy and fattening too <3 Ahhh I guess I am less adventurous than you but I really like trying out new kind of foods bcs, life for food (?)

      Long time too!! Work has taken me away for a while.. I sort of having a break from Internet world XD