Monday, July 17, 2017

Short hair obsession

My short hair obsession led me to sketch so many short hair doodles:

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Sayonara.. Long hair! See you again in a year or two:

Finally removing that literal 'burden' in my shoulders. I feel so great. Short hair daisuki~ 💕

Finally, I chopped my thick, fat, dry lock of hair to its much thinner, shorter, lighter version. 💇

There are 6 reasons that bring me to this decision of chopping 60% of my hair:

1. To encourage me to wash my hair often. 😝
My hair wash frequency has been once per week.. Long and thick hair dries super, super, slow and it irritates me. Hair dryer is a pain as well. Short hair dries really fast and nice.

2. To save money. 💸
Short hair needs much lesser shampoo and conditioner.

3. To retain hair's health.
My dyed hair has been super dry on its tip and chopping all the dry parts would maintain the health for the younger parts of the hair.

4. To adjust to the weather. 🌈
Weather has been really sunny lately.. Short hair works the best in this season.

5. To control greedy hair.
Hair has always been stealing my food (a.k.a. getting my hair in my plate of food is an occurrence) so I chop hair as punishment. Hahaha.

6. For a better, new look. 💁

I wonder if it looks better in me.. 🙊

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