Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bunny Diary: Welcome home!

Let me (re)introduce you my two brats (bunny rats): Toto and Momo 🐰
Day of adoption: 24 December 2016 💖

↑ Look at how both of them are much smaller than my Minnie Tsum Tsum!

Their first day home. 🏡

I read that bunnies are prey animals, thus, they are afraid of anything and they are shocked very easily, like they always jump out of fear(?) each time my dad sneezes. I feel so bad to laugh at them.

Both don't like to be carried--yeah. But they have fun personality. 😜

They both nibble on cardboards, legs, hands, furnitures, doors, cables, everything.

They both lick.. No longer. They used to lick me. 😋

They both binky when they are released. So cute, makes all of us laugh. 😂

 ↑ Baby Momo so tiny.

↑ Baby Toto so cuddly.

Excuse my lame censorship, but see how tiny and cuddly they were?? 😭

See how sweet 💕 they are:

↑ Baby Momo kisu.

↑ Baby Toto cuddle.

Bunnies are much smaller and much more fragile (seem like) than doggies, so I needed to learn the art of petting bunnies before I got to bond with them. 😘🐰

In my whole life, almost never do I not having animals that I live with at home.

Here I list some awesome stuff on why I love to have animals to pet:
1. They become great family members, in cute form.
2. I can talk to them with my mind and having the feeling that they understand. Some researches said that doggies and kitties understand human emotion even without us having to tell them.. How are we going to tell them anyway?
3. They wait for your arrival at home every day. Which I think is something I look forward every time I go out.
4. They significantly lower your blood pressure. Good not?!

Bunnies daisuki~💕

Kona ♥

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