Saturday, June 17, 2017

Week 20th to 24th morning skies! + Life Updates #9

Gasp.. This is a huge merge:

As I have written before, lots of things happened for the past one month. 😊

It has been really sunny and hot (and some unfortunate, silly rain still comes every now and then). I have gone through lots and real deal life-changing milestones. 😄

I keep thinking I am still too young to think about what I want to do in my life but when I see my high school friends, they are already having their own babies.

I mean, huh, so rich sia can already make and feed new humans?! 😳

But it is the circle of life. I cannot keep thinking of wanting to watch movies and sleep at 2AM all the time. I have to start thinking more forward.

Planning of some kind of things, I guess?

Gathering hay to build my nest? 🐰🌾

Finding a best friend to gather hay and build nest with? Haha.

I like having best friend.. The 'best' best friend. It is like having someone to have fun and enjoy life together, we can also talk about anything, share about anything, and do, er, anything.

Anyway I let time and universe help me with that. For now I am focusing to be better and better and on my way in adulting myself even more than now, I will see my 'best' best friend.

★Work update☆

This weekend, I feel so much relief and happiness! 😭🙏

A problem I had been facing since last year finally came to an end. I finally solved it Friday afternoon right before lunch. 💪

I am so~ happy~ I am so~ relieved~ I am so~ thankful! ✨

I kept thinking that I am very incompetent in working my job--I always have such negative thoughts. Then I always feel the big relief that the thing I have been stressing about is just a petty, little thing that is not worth my time, energy and attention.

I need to learn to let it go~ let it go~ ☃❄❅❆

I am so~ happy~ that this weekend I can be in peace.

I am so~ relieved~ that I, with the help of kind programmer colleagues, managed to finish it on time.

I am so~ thankful~ for everyone that has been supporting me, sending me messages of support. Thank you.

Photo at work when I was stressed because I have been working on one problem for a few weeks already. Haha. 😫💦

Oh, and we went KTV on Wednesday:

TT 🙈💃

By the way!

A few days ago when my dad and me went out to drive to my mother's place, our car kena flat tire. 😭

It sucked.. But I was enjoying it! I didn't enjoy the flat tire.. But the thing I did. I learn to enjoy every single thing that happen in my life, even when it is known as disaster.. I never forget to take my camera and capture how lucky I am to be able to enjoy everything! 😇

Dusk was pretty. 😍

Might be a luck, but McDonald's was nearby so I bought McNuggets meal! There is no Minion nugget.. yet? 😍😋

Life is good. 💕

Lots of love ♥

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