Sunday, June 11, 2017

★Eight hundredth's awesomeness☆

Eight Hundredth Post

I believe I have written more than 800 posts in my entire blogging journey but officially, this is the 800th post and here is a special post for it!

I wrote the cringiest post, I wrote my happiest post, saddest post, conflicted post, how I achieved things I dreamt for, my uncommon thoughts, my failure post and my acceptance post.

I am glad this blog has been with me for the past 8 years.

I am thankful that I can look back and see how much I have grown. It has been a fun journey adulting myself.

I am happy that I can stick around here, never get bored and keep blogging.

And most of all, I would like to thank you everyone who has been reading my blog, one-time passerby or regular visitor. People whom I become friends with through this blog, people whom I no longer talk to, people who make me happier than ever and help me becoming a better version of me.

If this blog is the reason of all those good things happening to me, I am going to nurture it for as long as time allows me to.

★Deep Bow to Everyone☆

♥Thank You♡

Now, jumping on the next topic.

In this special 800th post, I would like to share you something exciting I experienced for the past two weeks.

I finally met awesome friends I knew from this blog.

When colleagues or random friends asked me about it, I casually addressed them as my blogger friends.. Well because they are, technically.

But the correct thing is only that we met in this blog, and they are not bloggers.

We talked to each other in the comment section in this blog, in a very random blog post, for half a year last year (I believe it lasted from April to November) and then we decided to move our conversation in more private place: email.

Emails turned into chats, chats turned into Skype calls, Skype calls turned into a meeting.

How courageous!
How reckless!
How insane!
How unbelievable!
How amazing!

I made two new friends, two new awesomely amazing great friends, from this blog!

I keep being grateful to le blog that let me have this opportunity to meet them. I am so happy!

★Deep Bow to Awesome Friends☆

So from now on, I will call them Kotake and Izayoi. (temporary nick name for now.. Because currently I am not that creative to make nicknames for people for privacy).

After some months of chats, discussions about each of us and lots of consideration, we then decided to meet up.

Kotake initiated the meet up, then Izayoi joined too. It was exciting when I knew that they would come together because I had some (useless) fear that if only one of them come, they would not enjoy it as much, or they would have troubles and fears of being here, or they would regret it.

I know, useless fears. But I was feeling much more relieved that they came together. The more, the merrier, right?

Initially it was planned that it would be me who would have gone to their place. They are located far, far away.. In the west. They are in Europe.

I, duh, I was being open and honest, I said that at this moment I didn't have sufficient money to travel to their place. I said I needed some time to save up so I could plan a travel there. I really need it.

At this moment I only have around some thousand dollars that I can freely use, although I have some more thousand dollars that I very tightly keep because I don't want to use it at all. I plan to save for at least around two thousand dollars before I decide to gamble my money for my first trip to Europe.

I don't hastily waste all my money for this. My instinct told me not to hurry in this kind of thing and I have to think about it really, really thoroughly.

So Kotake and Izayoi decided that they would come to my place first while I am saving up. Kotake said it is much easier for them to come to my place than me coming to their place so I agreed.

"Yeah sure, if you want to come, I will happily receive you and drive you around!"

Fast forward, they came on the last week of May to the first week of June. I spent my entire paid leaves for them, and I barely have one now (1.5 days left!). But no regret, those were amazing days we spent together!

I learnt so much, we learnt about each other, got to know each other culture, taught each other language (their mother language is not English, btw) and created closer bonds with each other.

Last minute drawing I made as a "Thank you" present.

Their adventure here will be written in eight chapters, as following:

Local life: Kotake and Izayoi walked in the center of Jogja.
Seeking peace: Kotake and Izayoi climbed Borobudur temple.
How tall!: Kotake and Izayoi visited Prambanan temple.
Romantic night: Kotake and Izayoi saw lantern show at Taman Pelangi.
Master of computer?!: Kotake helped me formatting my laptop.
Urban lifestyle: Kotake and Izayoi went to shopping mall and shopping places.
Eateries: Kotake and Izayoi tried Jogja foods.
Chapter Two?: Kotake and Izayoi adventures.. to be continued?

Stay tuned!

Lots of love ♥

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