Sunday, May 7, 2017

★Shopping haul + presents compilation☆

This is a very special haul post! It will be dedicated to:

useless cute stuff I bought for the past few months, and,
★ ultra kawaii presents I received! 😍

I think this is a great post to write occasionally so I am reminded at how much money I have wasted and how I am loved by people around me so well even though it was not explicit. 

★Shopping haul☆

My most recent purchase from my friend's shop: washi washi stationery.

#1 Bunny washi tape. 🐰

To add on my huge collection of stupid washi tape.

#2 Coloured pens to draw. 🌈

It has LINE charas printed on it.. So cute ehehe. 💕 One of my hobby is to draw with coloured pens.. It is risky but pretty, a nice hobby, right?

Is it a waste? Nope, because I am using it.

#3 Harry Potter and The Sorcerer Stone (or Philosopher Stone.. I don't mind either way. You choose).
#4 Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secret.

I was so happy to see these two!! 😍🙌

Finally I can strike down those two books on my wishlist.

I have been struggling to find these two novels for years because I have the Harry Potter third book to seventh book. Then my eediot OCD lust kicked me so hard to complete the series. It is a huge punch in my stomach that they reprinted Harry Potter series in this strange, unknown cover so my collection would be slightly, really ruined by the different design of the covers.

But I bought it anyway. I cannot take the risk of losing them again. It took me two visits to the bookstore to decide that I should buy them because on my second visit, I thought these two are already sold out!!

*heart attack* 😱
*immediately grabbed both of it and ran to the cashier* 💃

I am pretty sure I would be so tempted to buy the third to the seventh book because of the cover design consistency.. But, I hope not. I still wish to find the old version of the first and second book, alright? Those are the best.

These two cover design are.. A little bit too crowded for me. I had little anxiety.

Is it a waste? Nope. I have been looking for them for ages! My treasured books!

#5 Cheap bunny pencil case. 🐇

To store those coloured pens, and my drawing pen, and pencil, and many more.. I bring stationery on my bag every day now, plus a sketch book. Hehehe.

Is it a waste? Unsure, but I use it, so probably, nope!

#6 Cheap bunny pouch. 🐇

Because the design reminds me of my two little brats at home. These cheap pouches are proven to be useful. I bought so many of them already at Stroberi. 🍓

Is it a waste? These pouches are proven always useful, so nope! *wink*

#7 Just bunch of Nivea products at once.

Hmm. I don't think I am a Nivea fangirl. This is purely coincidence. But they smell nice, soft and relaxing. And I use all those lotion and moisturiser stuff all the time, everyday. 😚

Is it a waste? I think.. It sorta is. The cup moisturiser and the bottled lotion moisturiser are redundant. (I am not being specific.. It is just a waste of money.) *sigh*

#8 Hello Kitty backpack.

My Hello Kitty obsession is back! 🐱🎀

This bag has all those cute Hello Kitty ribbons that I daisuki. But I have regret buying this bag..

It is so uncomfortable to wear. 😞 The straps are very short.. I cannot imagine having to wear this bag all the time.

The good side.. It is very spacious. I actually grow to like it although for now I am using another bag daily.

Is it a waste? Definitely. *sigh*

#9 Mini Hello Kitty hand fan.

I needed this when I wanted to attend my sis' graduation ceremony.

It is Hello Kitty, so, why not? 🐱🎀

Is it a waste? Considering the price.. I'll let it go. But I have already two hand fans, so no more!

#10 Tsum tsum notebook.

My new obsession: Tsum tsum! 😍

I love the colourful Tsum tsum I am weakened with it. So I grabbed this notebook. It was quite cheap ($1+) so why not add it into collection?

Is it a waste? Definitely yes.

#11 Tsum tsum wrapping paper.

One of my underground hobby: Collecting wrapping paper. 😓😝

Is it a waste? Uh yeah.

#12 Mickey keychains.

My new obsession too: Mickey mouse! (P.s. I even named my WiFi SSID as "Mickey Mouse" too). 🐭

Mickey head is cute enough, and Mickey pantat (butt)? The cutest. 🍑

Is it a waste? Yeah, but Mickey is cute, so nope! *wink*

#13 Bear cat coin pouch.

Bought this at Daiso! Very cute, nope? 🐼

I was thinking to make this bear cat pouch to keep coin but then my sis said: "huh? Coins are so dirty why you make cute pouch dirty?"

I changed my mind. Now this pouch becomes my Pocket WiFi pouch. 😆

Is it a waste? Nope, because it is bear cat!

#14 Bear cat T-Shirt for.. doggy.

But whose doggy? 🐼

Lol.. This T-Shirt is meant to be given to the brats, but they hate it. So ok, keep it. 😓

Is it a waste? YESH. But it is bear cat? STILL A WASTE.

#15 Doggy brush for.. Doggy?

For the brats again. But they don't like it. 😒

Is it a waste? I hope not..

#16 Travel sized chopsticks.

Stupid very short chopsticks I know.. But I keep it in my bag for Idk what reason. Just, cute, I guess. 😉

Is it a waste? Yeah..


P.s. All are from Meow Ranger, my super cool and funny best friend leh! Feichang kamsia!

Pluto Ufufy!

How come you know that my favourite Mickey and Friends character is Pluto?! I am so touched! *cries* 😭

Pluto Ufufy also smells so good it makes me so happy! 😍

Browny and Cony plushie Forever Edition!

Very cute la these two stupid bear and stupid bunny.. Love them so much it makes me so touched and happy! Thank you for the trouble of getting them for me to add in my collections! 😍💕

Monyet strap! 🐵

Very cute la always associate me with monkeys (because I have to say, I am!). I love this so much, although this seems small, but I find this more meaningful than anything else. My favourite!

Elmo passport cover! 😍

OH WHAT A TIMING. My passport was expiring and the present is a new kawaii akai Elmo passport cover.

Thank you very much! 😊

小黑猫 postcard. 🐱

It is so cute because it has velvet fabric to peel. I am not sure what it is for because I haven't peeled it but it is super cute.. And I associate with it really well because I am secretly a kitty? *shy* So meaningful, thank you.

小黑猫 phone pouch. 🐱

I cried when I see this!! Very cute Jiji 小黑猫 pouch that fits perfectly to my phone. I love the brown touch inside too because brown is my favourite colour la.

Why are you so good to me? 😣

I don't know I am loved this much!

I thought I hate people.. But there are still good people in this world. 😊💕

I have best friends that help me and support me all along. Hard to say that I hate them, they are amazing! Although they can piss me off sometimes but still, I don't remember bad things. All I remember is happy things, because those are what matter, correct?

Thank you. For being so kind to me, it means a lot to me. 💖

Lots of love ♥


  1. First of all,
    stationery shopping is not a waste.
    Second of all,

    love all these cute haul.
    I think you are more of a bunny person, coz look at all the bunny related things you bought.
    PLEASE SHARE YOUR HARRY POTTER BOOK COLLECTION IN A POST! coz I finally will have someone to obsess over the books with LOL
    I love shopping at Daiso too. that place will burn the a hole in my wallet in 3 seconds. :P
    LINE characters! I love them!
    and *hi5* for being lowkey Wrapping Paper collector. xD

    "I have best friends that help me and support me all along. Hard to say that I hate them, they are amazing! Although they can piss me off sometimes but still, I don't remember bad things. All I remember is happy things, because those are what matter, correct?" <- this saying, I so agree with!

    hope you had a wonderful weekend so far. xD

    1. Well said sis!!! Ok, it is never a waste!! Because it brings happiness, thus, bring health, thus, save money (on medication and stuff)!! Yay!

      I am originally a kitty person, but since I start to associate myself wit bunnies more I slowly become bunny person?? LOL.

      Ahhhh sure sure! Harry Potter collection post is WIP! :D

      LOL trueee. No matter how useless the thing is I always end up grabbing this and that?! Daiso is looovveeee <3

      LOL!! Seriously?? Are you lowkey collecting wrapping paper too?? Hhhahahahahaa.. Oh my gosh *hi5*

      I am glad you agree with it!!

      I have wonderful weekend (lazying around haha).. I hope you too!!


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