Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Beauty is pain.. 💕

* trying this blogger app ✌

Having dyed my hair is a real pain. Not only the hair has truly becomed much more colour-striking, its quality also decreases a lot.😔

Extremely dry on the tip (although no split-ends, yet) and it feels much more frizzy.. Not soft at all, ugh.

Regret wasting $50 for this!!!!

I know I am supposed to do extra mile for treatments, such as:
⭐ hair mask
⭐ hair spa
⭐ actually condition it every hair wash 😰

Which I don't really obey.😜😞🙈

Actually, one reason I don't really want to say is, money reason.💸

Le hair takes ages to dry, that is the first reason why I am so lazy to wash hair.😓💦

Take a look at the pic where I show you that dry tips..😳

I don't wanna chop le hair, yet. Planning to grow it out again until my waist.😆💃💕

I will see how.. Maybe in near time I can pamper le hair.

Lots of love 💕 // 📱

p.s. Blogger app sucks, I have to redo the post and reuploaded the picture because it was uploaded in a very low quality. I am against low quality images. 😠💥


  1. omg! blogger app! I want to try this too since I'm always so lazy to turn on my laptop to update my blog. and most of my pictures are in my phone anyways. hehe
    I know you said it sucks but I want to give it a try too.

    and I know how it feels to have fizzy hair but if you don't want to condition your hair from scalp to tip, maybe you can try conditioning just an inch from the tip up. at least they will become a little softer. ;)

    1. Yeah you can try it!!

      It sucked for me bcs it uploaded super low quality of pictures and for some reason clicking on Publish needed several attempts.. Idk, my phone or myself could be at fault.

      Give it a try (y)

      Yes! I will try that.. it might be better and save more money XD oh and also doesnt waste too much time. I get tired waiting for the condition to be absorbed.. OTL


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