Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week 12th, 13th and 14th morning skies!


Yes, that is the morning skies I took for the past three weeks. 😱🙏

Reasons are:
* I went to Surabaya on 12th week,
* I was exhausted and busy at work on 13th week,
* I kind of dropped off my habit on 14th week.

I am not sure if I can keep this thorough the year.. I hope I can.

Anyway, last week I went to Jogja Bay for company outing! It was my first visit too!

Logically, I won't carry my camera around when I am riding water rides, right? So sad to say, I have barely no picture there.

Sunny morning 🌞 but cloudy (and raining hard) afternoon 🌧!

The ambience is nice, and not crowded!

Exit gate (plus merch store).

I had fun and I challenged myself to ride some very high rides.. Almost passed out, but I like it! I guess I like high rides after all.

But the cowardice will always come out first. 😱😳

Reached home and after two sessions of clean shower, I just noticed:

Bloody sunburnt face! 😱🔥

I admit I used very thin sunblock cream but I didn't think the sunburn would be this horrible?

It is pain die me, too! 😭

The ones in arm looks clearer too, lol. 😳😱

I endured a week full of irritated skin--but the pleasure was worth it.

Thank you company for the fun trip, and see ya my first and best boss! (Boss was leaving the company and went overseas).

A week later:

Ok, I think the sunburnt face is fine now. 😉

And weather is hot die me this weekend 😱🔥 I managed to pull a pony tail.

So fast it is already April, and I haven't lost weight? (Tbh I don't know, my weighing scale spoilt! Noooo!)

I have full work this month and next month, supposedly. Some projects deadline are pushed so it is more packed in the back.. Himnae! Hwaiting! 🙊💪

Have a great weekend! 🌟🌈😊

Lots of love ♥


  1. JOgja Bay looks awesome!
    although, now that you showed all these sunburn photos, I don't think I would want that :P hahaha
    interesting exit Gate and Shop design too

    Glad to know you're having a fun weekend!

    and hwaiting! for the upcoming workload

    1. It is awesome.. In short time! ^^ I think for younger ppl its great. I grow older I kind of grow out the taste of joy. I still want Disneyland alright?!?!?!? >.<
      Hwaiting too!!


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