Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Awesome things I found on Internet today..

The only lie I accept really well:

I will be forever happy and grateful to you if you lie to me for puppies surprise..! 😭🐶

Then, this coincidence:

From taking this quiz: We Know How Introverted And Extroverted You Are Based On Your McDonald’s Order.

To be seen that I've written the very same thing on my About me page long time ago, it is a fun coincidence. 😏

Then, this pleasant picture:

I am so touched to see this. I think I am quite emotional recently.. 😭💕

Lots of love ♥


  1. Aaaa! I got addicted to a lot of Buzzfeed's quizzes these days too and I can't stop posting it to my Facebook account. xD

    1. Totally same thing. I browse for hours at work XD I don't post it to Facebook though, I have my bosses as friends :X

  2. I love when i found something worthy (like quotes or something related to my current situation) on the internet.

    When Corgi said "you smell like flowers", I was reminded of the time when you post so much flower photos ...

    Coincidence? I think not!

    1. Heheheheh! Not coincidence?! So cute..
      True, funny how at times I am feeling something extraordinary and my feed just shows me "Here are 18 pictures of kitty that will cheer your day" and I am like "Internet you understand me too well"!!!
      Or is it "Internet, you own me"???? D:

    2. D: internet own us!
      I'm addicted to internet a lot these days. I can't get off my phone!

    3. Sameeee!! Now I wake up and go to bed with my phone! :|


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