Monday, April 24, 2017

Momo and Toto diary #3

It marks the fourth month of us living together with these little tikus!

There are some huge discoveries for the past two months:

#1 Momo is a boy boy.

Ok I am not an expert in determining bunny sex but this time I am almost 100% certain that this stupid naughty bunny is a boy.

I mean, look at that naughty naughty face.

#2 They are equally big!

Remember how they looked the first few days we adopted them:

This pic was taken on third week of them in our house.

They are now:

Blame their mama for feeding them so much!

They complained a lot that their current house is very cramped! Alright alright, your new house is OTW.

Btw I didn't have any thought of wanting to eat them.. Ever! Oops.. I mean, I really won't eat them. Didn't grow them to BBQ them.. Hahaha. I do think I feed them too much.. Must diet ok, guys.

#3 They grow too fast, I have to burn my pocket money again to order a customised playpen for them.

I have been thinking that they might be too cramped in their current kitty cage, so I was thinking to build small playpen for them to roam in my tiny house.

It took me weeks for Dad's approval to finally reserved a space for the majestic prince and princess and finally yesterday I ordered a customised playpen for $35.

Sigh.. This month I seriously spent so much.

Oh yeah, I would also need to potty train them again since they will start using playpen. Ganbare~!

Video I took last night:


Naughty rats, both of you..

Lots of love ♥


  1. you really are a mom to these cute brats (bunny+rat=brat. LOL)
    you even bought them customize playpen
    you are a good mom.
    on another note: please keep me posted on how you try and train them to potty. coz, I am very curious. I've never seen bunnies being trained to potty before. hehe I only every see Dogs and Cats being trained.

    1. I think I really become their mum -__-
      The playpen got trouble.. I canceled the order and have opt for building it myself.. Ohhh dear.

      Alright, I will write a post about it, next time! :)


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