Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Noodle days!

Date: 09 - 10 March 2017

Uncle Sea is here! So we ate so much yummy food~ 😋

This round we ate noodles and noodles. 🍜✨

09 March 2017

Marugame Udon again! 🙌

I cannot stop loving curry stuff, so as always I ordered curry udon. 😊
Kinda regretted that I ordered the chicky katsu curry udon than the beef because the beef one tastes much better~! 😄👍

Also, the beef croquette can never be forgotten because watashi croquette daisuki! 💕

10 March 2017

At duck noodle restaurant, this one!

But I ordered glazed honey chicken pulled noodle (mee tarik). The noodle and sauce are awesome, but I'd like to order another kind of toppings. The glazed honey chicken is slightly off of my taste, leh. 😞

The crispy char siew or the duck one might be better?

Beef noodle. I am not a fan of beef stuff but this noodle with its thin but savoury broth is subarashii!! Two thumbs up~! So so good~! 😋👍✨

And, not forgetting to eat Peking Duck as I love the crispyness, the cucumber, the plain wrapper plus the sweet sweet sauce. My favourite! Whee~ 🐥😘

Har gow is also super sweet la! Thick, juicy and sweet prawn inside is almost like heaven!

View of my table at that dinner time. Glutton is at max level! 😋😱

Lots of love ♥


  1. Ahh this looks too good to eat! x

    minae | minaekei.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It was good for real! One day you shall try it~ ^^

  2. wah! so yummy!
    now I'm going to go and eat dim sum tomorrow morning :P

    currently I'm addicted with one vietnamese noodle soup thingy from Secret Recipe restaurant here in Brunei. addicted I tell you! so savory and so so delicious!

    1. Wheee~~ So jealous la!
      Oh vietnamese pho or something like that, right? My ex boss was Vietnamese and that time we ate authentic Vietnamese cooking at her house, wow wow so yummy la!! <3 Id want to go to Secret Recipe in Brunei too~~ I like it so much!! Vietnamese dishes are so light and savoury and yummy!! The springroll is love <3


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