Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Highlands and pine forest.

Date: 12 March 2017

Went to pine forest with the same family group as yesterday.

I had to say, it was disappointing. What I thought to be a secluded forest, chill hill and far from crowds were all wrong. It was crowded, full of lovers doing I duno what, and it was hot despite of it raining.

I didn't go further due to rain.. And I wore my favourite shoes, leh. 😟

I wish it would have been denser, and chiller. Maybe another pine forest. That one was totally not my taste.

The crowds, ugh.

Then we drove to uphill to see Merapi. This time, we went up to see Merapi in our east (we are on its west).


Yeah. Very dense fog. Cannot help it.

Mandatory picture my mum forced me to take. 😅

I don't like rain.. Please, more sunny days this year, please! 😵

Lots of love ♥


  1. argh I know right? it's been raining here a lot too.
    I love the coolness but really, not a fun night out when it's raining, is it?
    LOL funny how when it was scorching hot, I prayed for rain but when it rained, I prayed for the sun to come out. xD

    1. Yes, raining outside is really irritating. I don't appreciate getting drenched but the chill is really comfy!
      Same thing, lol. You know what it is hot die me since yesterday here and all I want is for rain to come whole day.. also because I don't go out whole day this weekend! :P


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