Tuesday, March 28, 2017

◆Happy Graduation Sis◆

Went to stupid sis' place last weekend for her graduation ceremony!

I grow to like Surabaya more and more.. Reasons:

◆ Weather has always been awesome (it rained yesterday, though).
◆ The young people are extraordinarily good looking! Many lengchais and lengluis! 😍
◆ Yummy foodies (although I still like Jakartan foodies).

One cute 😊 one derp 😛

Ended our first day with dinner at TransMart:

Fine enough, but not extraordinary. 👌

We went upstairs and guess what we saw on the top floor of TransMart??

Trans Studio Mini!! 🎢🎡🎠

I am so loving this concept of mini theme park inside a mall!! You guys are the best la!!

Literally awesome. 😍

Wanted to ride that half-indoor half-outdoor roller coaster but the crowds and the queue are.. Tak boleh tahan *facepalm* so I didn't ride it.

Besides, it is opening in Jogja in two days so, YEAH, I'M SO GONNA RIDE IT ALRIGHT. WAIT FOR ME.

Then we went downstairs for a good throat saver:

Gelato. 🍨

I picked the common flavour: cookies and cream. Yeah, very common indeed.

The next day, stupid sis de graduation ceremony!

She requested for a bouquet of flower 💐 so I bought it for her. Apparently I have bad taste in flowers because dad then said "why the bouquet is so dark? No yellow colour?"

I am sorry. I don't like flowers to begin with. I prefer soft toys as presents (thanked Mum who understand this very well that she got me two soft toys during my graduation, lol).

Anyway, happy graduation! 🎓

Crazy how time flies and we are no longer kiddos.

Wondering if we can still play games and run away from responsibilities?

I have started to eat all my responsibilities, little by little.. Saving for the so-called future.. Argh!

Success for you!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Congratulation Jessica's sister!
    Welcome to the real world of hard work and no play.
    nahh...we can always find our way to run away from our responsibilities every other weekends. ;)
    keep your head high
    I wish Brunei build a mini theme park inside a mall too. so that I don't have to stand in the sun/rain while queuing to play a ride. LOL

    1. Thank you thank you!!
      Yes, now we can feel how precious weekends are and will stay at home to appreciate it moooore <3
      LOL! One day, I hope Brunei has it too :D or come here, Unni! I will treat you to the indoor theme park~ ;D


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