Tuesday, March 28, 2017

First time swimming in ocean!

Date: 11 March 2017

We went to Sadranan Beach with our cousin family and Uncle Sea! Knowing how for last year it was raining whole year, it had been a while since I went to beach.. So I was excited!

Seems like we were blessed because, look at how blue the sky was! 🏖

Doesn't this view excite you? Like one more step to the vast, southern ocean!

One hidden, small, deserted corner.

We reached the beach at 13:30PM so the sand was BURNING! 😱🔥

But the view was great! 🌞

Awesome and super pretty blue sea and blue sky. 🏖

It wasn't crowded so it was awesome! 😍

Rest in peace. 😭🦀

Me and relatives. 😉

Just woke up face. Because I slept whole day in the road.. 😪

We decided to wait for the sun to lower a bit before we snorkeled.

Then we swam in the sea. It was my first time leh! 😄

Those were us. The most clear picture. 😉

Swimming in the sea isn't as cool as it sounds.. Well, because the water is salty (I accidentally swallowed it!) and the eyes hurted so much (I didn't rent and goggles because, eeyer?) and there wasn't many fishies to begin with. 😠🐟

I wanted to swim further and deeper but it wasn't doable enough. I scratched my arms a lot because I didn't wear gloves and it was so tiring to swim on shallow sea (having to crawl on the corals, ya know?) It would be much better if the sea is slightly deeper (1M or 1.5M at least).

Anyway, I had fun. 🙌

Throwing out frustration to sea water! Angry! Lol. 😠😝

Me after swimming. I didn't get much sunburn.. But I surely had a bit.

Then I showered after tiring session of swimming. Showering in public place felt really insecure. *sigh*

After shower pictures:

Look at me, cute Japanese tourist! 💃

Show you le fat, eh, why took this picture? 😡

Beach cape to hide le fat! 😬

Evening then we went back to the city. We got lost inside scary forest for around an hour! 😱

With persistence and lots of arguments, we found our way back in the darkness. 😭

We passed by Bukit Bintang (lit. Starry Hill 🌌) to have our late dinner after we got lost.. Haha.

That is Jogja city.. I think.

My camera couldn't capture the beauty, but it is really the starry hill, leh! I had fun looking at airplanes landing and taking off from my spot. It is perfectly shown from Bukit Bintang. 🌃🌟

I had an awesome, great, day! 😊

Lots of love ♥


  1. beautiful beach pictures. definitely adored the blue sky!
    and Japanese tourist kekeke you looked exactly like one.
    I'm not a fan of beaches; the sun is one of the reason beside me getting easily sunburn and turned like a lobster :S

    1. LOL! Joke or not? I have no Japanese blood mah.
      I guess I was lucky that day I didn't get any sunburnt.. but I got sunburnt on my recent water park trip! It was horrible T___T


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