Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 6th, 7th and 8th morning skies!


The sixth, seventh and eighth weeks this year are the weeks where I started to be a busy bee again. 🐝

Work has been ok. I prepared myself to learn more new extra things to occupy myself with some new sets of skills. I admit it is not easy, but I keep on telling myself: learn as many as possible!

For me and my future sake! 😊👍

So ok, challenge accepted!

So far I have been occupied with work so I haven't made more time to split my mind to:
- learn new things,
- invent new things,
- try to submit ideas on the ongoing projects (I have some for now! Excited!)
- and to rest myself.

The tense is quite high these few weeks I didn't feel like waking up these few weeks (notice the very late hours I took the sky pictures?).

I had some mornings missed without the sky pictures as well because it was raining hard I was thinking about myself.. 😞

Some memorable things taken with camera:


Quite bright day that morning. I really liked it~ 😊💕


One I captured: corn soup and light toast for dinner(!) and it was so good! 😋

Oh dear..

Rashes on my cheeks and behind my ears.

Cause: unknown.
How long: months, but I discovered it only few days ago!
Symptoms: NONE! No itch, no irritated feeling, nothing! Just reddish stuff.

Had to stop wearing my cute little earrings to cure these.. 😢😭

Mum planted lavenders!

Collecting self print-outs!

I am drawing lots and lots of traditional arts now~ Should I upload it?

Mysterious snacks.

Dad made these but we couldn't remember what are these called.

Tasted like papers.
Ate it with home made brown sugar and it became really yummy!

Do you know?

My faces.. In case you start to forget about me?

And suddenly it is already Sunday night again! 😣😞

Jia you for tomorrow!

Lots of love ♥


  1. those last pictures of yourself LOL No, Jess, I havent forgotten how you look like :D

    that Merapi picture is so clear it cleared up my acne. hahaha

    yessss you should post more of your drawings!

    I've been waking up late too. and hence, late for works. :P not even guilty anymore hahahaha ah well...

    1. Lol lol :D

      Glad it cleared your acne!!

      Me toooooo.. The weather is just too cosy to sleep in right?? I also dont really care coming in work late now. Like.. There are people even later than me :P


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