Friday, February 3, 2017

Week 4th and 5th morning skies!


Only three skies on week 04?

I spent my whole week 04 catching cold.. It was a really tiring week. Forced myself to go to work from Monday to Wednesday and I managed to infect three of my colleagues. 😓 I felt really bad!

Had to take sick leave on Thursday because my cough got worsened, and upon checking on doctor she said I had bad rashes on my throat. I couldn't imagine! Eeyer la!

Extended my sick leave to Friday because my cough couldn't make it and I'd disturb my colleagues more than me being a help. I took a good rest at home.

It was raining the whole week 05, day and night.

Pretty cosy to sleep, and what a luck that my workload is really light this week! 😁

Actually I feel half-guilty not having much to do. Eh, nope. I did little research here and there about designing but it bored me instantly so I stopped. I really prefer learning by doing, rather than learning to spend my leisure time.

I really like getting busy after all! 😝

Nothing much happened this week, apart from that.

Oh, lemme share you one song I am currently listening on repeat:

Interesting, relaxing song, isn't it?

Finally, it is weekend~! ✨💕

Preparing for energy to sprint on next project that might start on Monday. Fighto~! 💪

Lots of love ♥


  1. When you finally had that day off or sick leaves, you finally realized just how you preferred being busy hahahaha
    Hope you are all better soon :) Rest well~~

    1. Yeeees~ Haha!
      Thank you! I am doing very fine noww :)


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