Saturday, February 25, 2017

Quality time eight♥

Stupid sis came home for a week last week!

The moment we met, we immediately went to the nearest shopping mall and satisfied our gluttons:


She is, I have to admit, much slimmer now. 😱 That is good actually, she becomes prettier that way~ But it makes short me way shorter and fatter now! 😱

Motivated me to slim down! (How many times have I said this? I feel like talk empty..)

Went to salon on Saturday morning last week because we needed our girly time~ 😉😳

I steamed my head and had it massaged. I SUPER LOVE HEAD MASSAGE I NEED TO STRESS THIS HERE! 😚💖

Then went to shopping mall to eat yummy lunch. I had curry ramen again just because it is the combination of both food I super love! 😋

I always request the curry to be non-spicy though. It turned out just perfect. 🍜

Karaoke time~ 😁🎶

We booked the room for three hours straight!! Sang many new songs I just learned for the sake of singing this on Karaoke room!! ✌

I didn't do well though.. I lost my voice by third song while I sang more than 10+ songs. Siao liao. 😱

After karaoke, recharged our energy with sweet desserts by Sumoboo! 😍😋

Wasn't really a good idea. I had sore throat after that. But it was yummy, it was worth it! 😂

Sumoboo date with three of us~ 🙉

Specially went to Solo for Nini thowong's Selat! Cannot love this enough~! I helped them clean the plate!

And this was 1.5 portions! 🙊

Then I burnt my pocket a little by treating four people at Sushi Tei~ I cried when I checked my bank balance.. 😭💦💔

Second karaoke session on Saturday afternoon. This time we only booked two hours. Good! ✌

Went to McBonald's for good pepper-lunch style pasta again. Yums! 😋

And coincidentally, in front of McBonald's there was a brand new Karaoke corner who offers good promo for free two hours if we ordered snacks worth $9.. 😈

Couldn't let this promo go! 😉

Let's sing for.. 2 more hours! 😈

I found it crazy that we sang for four hours straight in one whole Saturday.. And I lost my voice completely with horrible dry cough.

Please forgive my sin.. I will remain abstinence of going to Karaoke room for a whole year! 🙏

Thank you for the awesome week, stupid sis! Woof ya! 😘💕

Lots of love ♥


  1. you and your food post! I am hungry now.
    I love karaoke too! but we don't have karaoke place/booth anymore in Brunei :(
    so i'll have to wait until we go to my cousins' house to go and sing karaoke (coz they have the karaoke setup hehehe) but that usually happened if we have an event or family functions only. which is very seldom :P
    oh i remember the time when I sing myself raw and regretting nothing LOL

    1. :D

      Are karaoke place shut down? How about going to Malaysia for Karaoke? I only go to certain Karaoke place bcs they have huge variety of Kpop songs XD

      Good sis, regret nothing! *thumbs up*


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