Friday, February 24, 2017

Momo and Toto diary #2

Momo and Toto are two months old today!

Before: first month.

They grow rapidly! Damn crazy every time I see them I am so scared, they eat so much and they grow really really fast!

#1 Appearance

Crazy growth! Take a look at the first day I brought them home:

And now:

Force you to see this pic again, lol.

Toto-chan is about the same size as the Minnie tsum tsum now! Omo!

Momo-chan is also almost the same size as baby Toto-chan too now. Fat ass, they are.. Seriously 😅

#2 Personality


I spent half an hour of my good evening time to let them roam the TV room. They hopped here and there very happily. Didn't respond to my call--well, I kinda expected that. They enjoyed the corner nearby the TV shelf so much for Idk what reason and I had hard time shooing them to stay away from all the cables and stuff.

They don't really chill.. Very seldom finding them chill in their cage:

Mostly nearby the hay hay.

Or chill after wander around until dirt their paws. Lazy fat ass.

Oh! They had their first fight!

Mum told me they chased each other in the morning, a very early one and I haven't waken up. I couldn't see the fight though.

And they are chill all of the time in front of my presence.

Toto-chan is much easier to carry now! I am so happy she accepts me well now. 😍😘

On the opposite, Momo-chan grows to be really really naughty. Bit my finger many times la! 😡 You want me to grill you, huh? 🐰🍢

#3 Eats

Still the same. Hay hay hay and hay.

I recently try to smell the hay hay, why does it smell so sweet and good? I am so tempted to eat!! 😨

#4 Health

I guess there are nothing to worry about. They do reeeeally well. The urine and such isn't really clear (kind of coloured) but it has been like that for months and I haven't been able to make time for vet visit..

I guess after my current project is free, then?

Update 26.02.2017: bought a new smaller cage for them today!

Not sure if it is a correct decision.. But surely it is much smaller. I was thinking the huge cage they have been using is too heavy for me to maintain. But, do they like it? 😞

Lots of love ♥


  1. Woah, seeing Toto and Momo bring my old memories when I pet rabbit back then. At the first time, we only had 2 rabbits, a couple. Then they grew up really fast to be 15++. Woah! And my favorite is when they are 3-4 months old because they are so tiny but cuteeee.

    How about their gender? Have you find out?

    1. So your rabbit bred??? Wow!! Are they ok? Tbh I think Momo and Toto are boy and girl I keep seeing them catching each other.. I think they are not old enough to mate bcs I'd wait for a year for them to get neutered. Argh.. I am so confused!! So true!! Tiny bunnies are so so cuteee~

      I thought both of them are girls but it seems they are boy and girl.. >.<


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