Friday, January 20, 2017

Week 3rd morning skies!


I cannot stop this habit: taking skies pictures.

Weather sucked 😫 Rain every afternoon, storm and thunder. Heard that there were floods started in several areas. Not good!

By the way, saw a glimpse of Merapi on Wednesday! 🌋✨

Looking good! 😄

Yay for the newly built balcony on my office. Now I can have me-time here!

On second thought, this balcony is used to facilitate smokers.. I think I am not going here often. Besides, it is extremely hot and sunny standing here!!

For the past five days, work started to calm down. All I had left are only emails, revisions, emails, revisions. I still needed to practice my eyes in order to reduce the number of revisions. Three little revisions are still too much for me, especially when it is only used to one, tiny, low-res image file.

The Chinese New Year festive started to show around here! In malls, on the streets, and in my office somemore! Chinese New Year decorations are up and it looks so festive and red! 😊💖

This CNY year will be a chicky 🐥 year right? Animal I am scared the most second after spider 😑💧

And as a tradition I have done for the past two years, I will commemorate a drawing for this year's CNY! I need to make time to draw one drawing for 2017 CNY, stay tuned! I will! I will! *shouting*

This year's CNY I will be with my parents. Feels great, and although we don't plan any grand sa cap me (CNY eve), we would prepare something extraordinary for everyone.

One week to bye bye monkey year 🐵👋 huat~!

Lots of love ♥


  1. I love your photo's of the sky, they're so pretty! I'm doing a project where I have to take a photo of the sky every day and its similar to what you do haha, that's pretty cool!
    I hope you had a nice CNY!
    Minae ♥

    1. That would be so cool you know!! Would love to see the sky pics that you take!! :D Thank you! I had great CNY!


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