Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Momo and Toto diary #1

24th January 2017 : Momo and Toto are one month old today! 🎂🐰🎉

(I adopted them on 24th December 2016 they were 2 months old; which means their birthday should be on around October.. But I'll consider their birthdays are in 24th December!).

#1 Appearance

They grow so much. There is extremely significant differences between their first day here and one month later.

Momo Tikus the Netherland Dwarf bunny used to be able to be carried with one of my palm, and my palm is small. One month later, she is extremely fatty and I need both of my hands to carry her safely.

28th December 2016 pictures:

Dirty feet feet because she was naughty and went missing for half a day. No idea where did she go.


Extremely small?! Eee!

Toto Doggy the Fuzzy Lop bunny was bigger to begin with. She is way bigger now, almost like a fuzzy kitty.

29th December 2016 pictures:

11th January 2017 picture:

Look how she became way longer than before?!

13th January 2017 pictures:

Watch TV at night and sayang (pet) Toto. 😘💕

Why more Toto pictures? Why less Momo pictures?

Toto is a really calm bunny and she sits a lot, so it is easier to prepare my camera to take pictures. Momo is a brat thus I can never take picture of her properly. 😑

Look at the first two pictures of Momo and how I almost literally squeezed her to take picture with her? Lol.

#2 Personality

Momo had a great personality to begin with. She is active and she likes to be carried. At times, she also will nibble our hair, our arms or face. She eats little but grows fatty extremely fast. Bad metabolism, huh?

One time, she nibbled my chin and bit it!! 😠 The next day, very fresh pimple grew, wtf. 😭

Toto is way way calmer. Harder to carry, but when carried, she sits very calmly (or scared to death, I have no idea). She eats A LOT! Greedy pig Toto.

They act cool:

And they are good hopper!

Their current house is Miki's ex house, and it is quite high. They need to hop high to enter or go out, and they do it very well despite of their tiny little bodies.

#3 Eats

They accept pellets and hays only.

Tried to give them water spinach and corn. They got diarrhea right away which freaked me out. Poor thing, they have to eat pellets and hays whole time now since I dare not to give them anything that cause their stomach pain. Wonder if this is fine?

#4 Health

They are doing very fine! Very active and naughty.

Their only problem was diarrhea when I gave them water spinach and corn. I stopped giving them veggies and stick to hays.. For now.

Any bunny parents who are more experienced, please leave tips below! Thank you!

Lots of love ♥


    they grew up fast. I laughed so hard at *(or scared to death, I have no idea) coz I think, it might be scared to death LOL!

    I mostly only know about cats so I cant be of help, hehe sorry~ :S

    1. Hahahahhaa!! indeed they grow up sooooo fast~!
      Hehehe no prob! there are many stray cats in my house.. very cute ^^


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