Saturday, January 28, 2017

Happy Chicky Year!

◆ 新年快乐!恭喜发财!◇

Toto and Momo eat baby mandarins for everyone~ 🐰🍊

Lunar New Year yesterday! Gong xi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend with everyone you woof ♡

Once again, I celebrated it humbly at home with my beloved parents.

We no longer have ah ma or ah gong (grandparents) to visit during CNY so this time it will be five of us celebrating the CNY eve at home. It is alright, we felt much closer that way. Also, more opened up and could do more things we couldn't do when we have so many people around us (talking about behaving).

Our first family picture, with five of us. 😄💕

I wasn't fully recovered yet so not having to meet so many people relieved me so much. I can just wear anything leisure at home and be relaxed.

Mum specially came home to cook entire CNY dinner for us:, ok la cheated the satay a bit.

Ate dinner leisurely in front of TV while watching politic stuff.. Funny, isn't it? My daily read and watch are now all about politics. I am surprised at myself for immersing my brain in politics so much lately. I won't state my political view here though.

Me and Toto-chan.. and I know I gained weight 😭

Then we made kue tikus. Dad couldn't find the correct sweet potato to make kue tikus, so our kue tikus was, er, failed.

It was supposed to be orange, not this pale.. However, upon frying it, it was equally yummy! It was a complete failure though.. Couldn't show this to my friend who wanted to eat this so so much!

Sorry 😣

And meesua on the first day of this year:

It was not my favourite, but I grow to like it now.

And last but not least:

Burnt hell money! Trillions of 'em~!

I hope this Chicky Year would bring us happiness, prosperity and luck bigger than my fatty buni buni. Oh and for me, many new adventures await, new people to meet, new activities to do and new things to try! 😄✨

Thank you for keep reading here, love y'all!

Lots of love ♥


  1. I always believe that festive season should be spent mostly with family.
    Family matters <3
    Kue Tikus looks like curry-puff! does it taste like one?
    or maybe it looks more like dumplings, since the pastry part look thin.
    and why is it called Kue Tikus?

    1. Trueee <3
      Not at all! It is made from sweet potato with sweet peanut filling actually~ ^^
      No idea why is it called Kue Tikus. Shall ask my dad about it.. it is a passed thru generation recipe :P

    2. oh! i think we have a similar version of that but with just the peanuts.
      I don't know the name of our kueh.
      coz, i only know how to eat them. LOL

    3. I see! Certain kue for sure right? :D I also only enjoy to eat them~ LOL!


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