Sunday, January 22, 2017

21st January.

What is this about 21st January?

A lot of things happened today!

#1 I dyed my hair today!

My virgin attempt on dying hair. Shocked die me! 😱😫

Took me ages to get used to this very bright hair of me!

Showing you my in existential crisis look.. With my new hair 💇

Comments of my brand-new very bright hair:
  • Quite, unwelcoming.. 😐
  • Bad? 😩
  • Corn silk! 😠
  • Weird! 😡
  • Ugly! 😢
  • Fake Indon Song Hye Kyo! Come I help you come back Korea but pay for my plane ticket please! (Thanks Sis! I laughed die me!) 😂💦
Majority of the comments are not good. I guess, I guess they are right..

To remind you how my old hair looked like:

This is really the last picture I took with my old hair! 😢

#2 It is family weekend!

One rare weekend when both of my parents are home and we went to shopping mall together.

Mum kept of mistaking me with someone else thanks to my new hair la! She took this picture of me:

And said: so totally not like you!

It breaks my heart to see the brittle of my hair. I think I am going to dye it darker soon.. 😭 Poor thing very dry and brittle-looked.

#3 First cold in 2017!

Heh heh, I think I always start the year with a mild cold. 😩

Pretty sure it was from my colleagues (everyone is sick at work) so thanks a lot! I get grumpy and tired more than usual when I fall sick and I lose even more sleep recently thanks to the slight fever and cough so it just gets worse, er, before it gets better next time.

Apparently I have been infecting many of my colleagues! One by one they started to fall sick and took a sick leave. To be honest, I felt much better today (the flu is gone) but the cough got really really worse and I didn't want to go to work, coughing whole day there so I took a sick leave.

It all started on Saturday when I woke up at 3AM because I started to feel unwell. I then chatted some friends who were still awake at such time! 😱 like, it was a great chat by the way and I felt restless for some reasons? Haha. I had so much fun as well.

Dad went morning jog at 4AM and I wanted to follow him la but then the bed's magnetic force is stronger than my strongest will to get slimmer (it is that strong, btw) so I told him to leave without me. And I continued lying on my bed with my phone, typing non stop, half-awake, (probably) typed out some shit I didn't even realise.

Went to salon at around 10AM to have my hair dyed brightly and health just deteriorated after that! Heh heh. I guess I needed rest. 😩💦

Saturday night we went out to shopping mall just for sightseeing and I ate this:

Chicken curry ramen! 😍💕 Delicious to the max! IDR 50,000 ($5) at Hartono Mall.

Fml. I already had my sore throat at that time and I still ordered this la.

It was really nice though 🍲 I had no regret!

Went back home to have more fun chats through the night (make use of the huge internet data plan after midnight!) then I went to sleep at around 3AM, I think. 😱😭

Only one hour plus after that my parents woke me up so I can go with them to sweep graveyard. Okay, I half-awake dressed myself and jumped to the car to join them sweeping graveyard. 😪

Fml again, I already felt so unwell and I slept very little. Went back home and ate anything available (I think it was random meat-floss bread and macaroni) and I went to sleep. 💤

Slept until late afternoon on Sunday and we went to eat dinner:

Pasta pepper lunchy. 😋

Is my third time visiting here leh until the Aunty recognised me: eh, you came here before right? With your friends? 😳

Yes Aunty! Because your food is yummy la! Hehehe. 😋

#4 "There is always a first time for everything"

by Mickey Mouse

It is a really memorable date! 😉

Lots of love ♥


  1. ahhh must that time of the year where everyone fell sick one after the other. I hope you are all better now. ;)
    Love your hair color!!!
    I used to color my hair with bright colors too but not anymore, maintaining dyed hair is never in my vocabulary xD

    1. YES! Lol :D
      Hehehehe tbh it is not good yknow =(
      Hahahaha.. same with me la! maintaining would be pain in ass (because my pocket burns, that's it lol) so I don't think i'll redye my hair again


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