Saturday, January 14, 2017

14th January.

It has been two weeks since I write here! Hello everypawdy~ 😄💕

How was your first two weeks of 2017?

A LOT of things happened on my end. Well, not particularly a bad thing--well I see it as great ones, instead--but it occupied both of my hands, almost my entire mind and exhausted my body as well.

Will split it in to sections:

#1 Myself

Bursted my stomach on the first day in 2017 😭💔 No, I wasn't angry. I was really happy instead. I thought I would skip my bloody (er, literally?) cycle again after I skipped it for freaking few months last year but now I had it just fine. So my thought of 'maybe I was dying' was baseless after all.

But I was dying. I was in so much pain I almost fainted. Lucky it only lasted a few days. Some more days and I would wish I were born as cat instead.

Felt happy, okay, excited, anxious, tired, dejected, slightly furious and couldn't care less. I had mixed emotions, but it was all good. I learnt a lot of new things this year, how to handle people: during emails, during conversations and bargaining, and many more.

Actually opened one more layer to my true self to my colleagues and let them see me, slightly the real me. Apparently they started to be more comfortable to talk to me (I was an awkward penguin the first time I worked there and I didn't really talk to anybody until a few months later) and they now can leisurely say my untold habit: falling asleep at office.

I know I am very pig 🐷 la! So sorry la! (I am Monkey 🐵 year born btw not Pig 🐷 but my resemblance to Pig 🐷, I also cannot deny it?!) I cannot help it! I will work harder and faster this year! I promise! I still look for that 'Employee of the Month' title okay!

Oh yeah, I had a horrible migraine on Thursday evening. I almost vomited so many times and I went to bed before 9PM. It has been a while since I had severe migraines and that day, it was so ugly.

Took a pic because a friend asked for a pic (and these were the only pics of me I took this year de):

As I grow older, I take less and less pictures of me la. Wonder why.

Left is at 08:20+PM before I slept. Right is at 03:00+AM when I was awaken and changed my shorts to cosy longs-teehee--because it was freezing. I was so messy and tired. And pig! Thanks headache.

To make matter worse, I stopped gym already. Wait what, no, trust me this is temporary. I was dying on the first few days of this year (refer to the first paragraph above) and it was so horrible I almost fainted. I am perfectly fine now so I think I will resume my gym tonight!

For real! I am never NATO! 😉

#2 Work

That cycle again! 💦

We already started to get busy since the first working day this year (02 January, nothing such as 'Monday holiday to replace Sunday's' thing lol) to chase for the next event which is Chinese New Year la! It is fortunately not a big event, but I got quite some problematic troubles I faced on my first week.

Apparently I had quite something on my desk this time, so I spent my time planning scheduled task, sent emails to so many people, felt anxious waiting for their replies (which thankfully arrived extremely fast) and solved bugs here and there. I received lots and lots of help from everyone and I was very grateful of that.

I admit there was one whole day last week (should be Wednesday or Thursday) where I was beyond exhausted and tired, and all I wanted to do was to relieve my frustration by typing. But I didn't do it. I had no energy even to log in here that I started to feel: am I getting old already?!

I also wanted to express my frustration to my best friends but nobody really understood my work well--I don't reveal this kind of things, right. Work etiquette, I guess? Wanted to chat but when the other person got available the next day, the urge dissipated. I didn't want it anymore.

I guess the best method of handling frustration and anger is: let it be for a day, it will be gone.

One exciting thing: our CEO sent us emails and told us our current game project earns SUPER WELL! 📈💴💵💶💷

I can't really disclose the amount here but lemme give you a comparison: you can buy some commercial city cars only from one day earning!! 💸


So I immediately made a puppy face to my Producer: bonus? 😍

He only laughed. 😒

This tells us that for--at least, eh, maybe--the next following months, we will be doing full evolutions. I really want to get involved in initial evolution designing but I just wondered if it is possible to me? All of this time I have been receiving the 70-80% done design and I help in implementing it. I don't know whether I am skilled enough to start from the zero?

Maybe this year is the year of me shining!

#3 Watch and Listen


Thanks Goblin uncle, you make me very happy in the beginning of this year full of hard work!

Favourite character? Ask me no more:

Don't ask me to choose one of them because I. Cannot. Do. That. 😳

No spoiler please. I just started watching this (~E6).

#4 Momo and Toto

I am so happy that they are growing so very very well!

The most appropriate pic of them. They are in a very curious and naughty phase so it is almost impossible to take a calm pic of them altogether! 🐰

I was scared on the first few days of keeping them that they got so dirty, they became very inactive at some times and they shitted so so much. But I then came to realisation that it was all normal (except the dirty thing, I had to cut off little of her butt fur to clean it because there was shit stuck on it eee) and they behave similarly like hamsters: they just get active at night more than in the afternoon.

The best thing is that now they know where is their house (used Miki's ex cage to keep them) and every evening at 08PM to 09PM I opened the door and let them roam the room for a few mins.

Normally they would roam, hop here hop there, binky here binky there, and when they got tired they lie down under our sofa. Whenever I wanted to put her back to the cage, she would run away to further place just like hid herself and again, lie down on the floor.

Naughty girl! 😡

Yesterday, something awesome happened!

Instead of hiding, after they were satisfied in hopping and roaming around they hopped back to their house altogether! So sweet la! 😭

And one thing I concern about: they really cannot eat veggies at all. I gave them very, very small corn in a cob and they got diarrhea right away. I ended up feeding them corn husks. Weirdly, they love it so much!

#5 Skies

Eh, I have been diligently taking sky pictures!

We still encounter big rains (January, to be expected ma) and weirdly sunny skies.

I have been waking up very very very very late for the past two weeks! 😭

By the way, recently the sun sets really really late as well la!

Er, the only sunsets I took. Couldn't capture the rest of the days because I went back home late.

Last year, the sun would have been completely set at 06:00+PM. This year, seems like the sun sets pretty late (just like me waking up pretty late as well heh) and I managed to see the beauty and weird colours of the sky! Lots of pink shades as well.

02 January sunset was quite late, but I got to see that very thin and pretty crescent mood.
03 January sunset was taken from office. Lame, couldn't climb rooftop to see it. (I'll try next time!)
11 January sunset was taken on the road. Pretty pretty pink shade!
13 January sunset was taken from office again. Very bright! Me likey!

I had been having uneasy sleeps. Slept pretty late on some nights, and I had horrible very personal dreams, including: having to see my crush was eating with the beetch I extremely hated. Things in the past emerged back in the back of my mind and it disturbed me. It sucked. Go die la two of you 😡

Well, the past is in the past but still when they come in your dream a few times, you couldn't help but to think about them again. To remember things they did and such. Unpleasant.

This year I tell myself so many times to totally forget everything that has happened and start a brand new year, taking careful steps in each of my journey and creating a perfectly productive year! If possible, I'd like to try many new things as well! Haven't thought of one now due to my busy work but I have crafted some things in my mind. 😉

Lastly: 14th January. What?

14 is my favourite number after 9. 14 means a lot to me! 14th is my most favourite man's birthday (aka Dad's). 14 looks really soft, and calm. 14 just gives me good vibe.

Nothing much, just a random ramble from me hahaha.

Enjoy your weekend!

Lots of love ♥


  1. seem like a rough time you are going through, yesss i still rmber u! been so long since i read ur blog. im back again too. thanks for leaving your footsteps back with me again! happy Chinese new year! :D

    1. Yes!! I am doing ok now thank you!
      Yay happy you rmb me!
      Happy Chinese New Year to you tooo~~!

  2. Hi Jess! Happy New Year!
    looks like we both get our hands full for starters in 2017.
    glad you are fairing well on your end.
    Sky photos! I missed those!
    Goblins!! I havent got the cahnce to watch that drama. my sister is even pestering me to watch Legend of the Deep Blue Sea. you know, that drama with Lee Minho :P
    have you find out about Rain (Bi)? he got married!!! I was just excited coz a friend of mine was a fanatic and I'd love to see her reaction. LOL I wonder how I'll react when Onew got married hmmm
    I see some new resolution up there ;) hwaiting!

    1. Indeed!! Hope it is the sign of our fruitful year huh!
      Ahhhh~ The girl is from the My Love from Another Star right? Very pretty! I shall watch too after Goblin. and Goblin is AWESOMEEEEEEE!!!!

      OMG YES YES!! VERY GORGEOUS COUPLE! Their honeymoon in Indon la, very modest and happy for them I cry of joy ;____;

      What are you talking about?? Won't he get married with ya?? *kicked* XD


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