Sunday, December 18, 2016

Super-lucky holiday! #2

This was my third holiday this year! Woot!

This was my second in-city holiday with Meow Ranger and to be honest I had to squeeze my brain hardly a few times since I barely had any idea where to go.

I can mention tons of places I wanna visit outside of this city, but it takes me longer to think where to go in this city.

I had so much fun (and hopefully Meow Ranger did as well) despite of we only spent mostly half a day going out in a day. I tried my best to be the best, kindest, cutest, prettiest and most generous host but I don't know whether I have satisfied my guest so far.

Feels like there are so many things I missed out that I really wish to present on the next chance. I don't know. To please guests is really hard, right? I wonder how are those tour-guides coping up with guests that are hard to satisfy?

This holiday apparently has been blessed as well!

(Another) Sunny set of days!

This was the first afternoon of our holiday. Sunny and bright?! 🌞

When was the last time I had such afternoon?!

Yeah it was sometimes sunny in the morning but it barely didn't rain in the afternoon. We had always been having rainy and stormy afternoon daily here.

Seriously, what super power does Meow Ranger have?!

It is mostly (90%) not raining when he was here! Fyi it rains daily before his coming and after his coming! And it rained in the north/ highland--to be expected, and it rained at night (once or twice, if I am not mistakenly remember).

The rest, the weather was chill, or cloudy, but seriously blessed with no rain! 😄

Take a look at today's sky:

We never had such afternoon. Hontou ni hontou!

Yesterday's and the day before yesterday's were all like today! During the whole holiday, it was mostly not raining, although I have seen the rolling clouds coming, it barely rained. One hour of mild rain at most.

Even last week on this day and at this time, it was overall an awesome weather that we had a great time of swimming together, floating on a brand-new swimming pool, looking at the bright sky, watching the soft fuwa fuwa cloud flew.

Very shiok! I am very happy!

No swimming pic because none of my gadget are water-proof. Too bad though, swimming is one of my favourite activity!

But it was seriously so fun and it gave me so much pleasure--swimming, I mean. And today, it is extremely dark and it is currently raining very hard. Ever since he left oh? Lol. Amusing.

This is so funny because it also happened the last time he came. Sky really blessed our holiday!

There was a day or two raining but it was nothing compared to the daily rain, thunder and storm I have here. Really blessed!

Jeep Lava Tour Adventure

It was my first time riding a jeep! Thrilling and very shaky (and scary at one point) but it was fun.

Eh? Cute Japanese girl?

And the mountain was shy shy cat and hiding behind a super thick and fluffy cloud. OI!

Read more: here.

Sunset at Ratu Boko Temple

Another temple we visited. It was far and high, and nicely spacious!

Too bad it was extremely cloudy. But it was high, chill and nice!

Read more: here.

Eat and eat

I brought us to eat some of foods I eat often. Including Gado Gado Colombo, Parsley Kaliurang, and Oxtail/Beef Soup (because it is nearby my house ha). Encountered some eating place I used to come often but it was no longer good.

The only foodie pics I took. Mainly because I was always thinking about something else during my meal time--and I think my body took revenge of how I have starved her for the past few weeks. I have been hungry as 🐷 daily!

Eh no la. I ate so much for the sake of Miki's birthday!

Thank you stomach! 😱😭


Not so much for me, but I had fun driving around to see things to buy. Apparels, cleaning products, snacks, iscream, this and that.

Window shopping is one activity I love the most! Comparing price, walking slowly here and there, reading labels, counting currencies and many more. It sounds really troublesome but it is one great activity to spend time and to train my head to count faster--I super suck in math.

Spent most of our time in road hunting for monsters!

Actually is not me but is Meow Ranger. My HP cannot play this game anymore because this game eats too much space--no actually is my LINE that eats too much space (1.5GB) so I am unable to update the game to the latest version to play.

Besides, I suck ttm.

So I received a very generous help to resume my game progress!

I suck in this game. Thanks for the help, I managed to have additional monsters collected in the album!

Tyvm! 😚

I don't know since around last week how many new monsters have my Avatar caught! 20? 30? 40? I lost count.

Even I was helped to occupy my very first gym

With the newly caught Gengar?! So cute! I obviously cannot catch such 'high' CP monster. I said, I suck!

p.s. The gym was taken over like shortly after we left the place so yea um okay it is fine!

I don't even know how the gym works wtf it was the first time I watch how to use the gym. The fighting balancing is quite rough (not neatly made, and definitely won't work on middle-low devices like mine) and hackers are everywhere.

#gamedevelopercomment #gamedeveloperberaksi

Anyway I didn't play the game around the city. I am very happy to drive because I suck in map and direction. I kept on mistaking bloody left and right for eternity and I frustrated my own self. I guess in the future, in the next 1,000 years I would always prefer driving to being a co-pilot.

I really cannot direct. I am sorry future family I am so gonna be your driver. 😓

Btw Pokemon monsters are very cute right? It is real that so many people lost interest in this game anymore but the developer starts to roll-in new updates as well.

p.s. My colleagues are currently playing the mobile Final Fantasy Mobius and I often watch them play--looks so cool!

I have my favourite monsters! Stay tuned on my Pokemon monster dedicated post!

Don't you know how hard it is to maintain world-wide game!
Do you think to roll-in a new update with new features, new characters, improvement in many places and thousands of bug fixing in a month is possible?!

Okay it is possible, but it is a crazy hard work.

Even a once-a-month update drives us crazy!

#gamedevelopersuffers #curhatangamedeveloper #help #tolong

Long weekend

The holiday coincidentally came on a long weekend, it was holiday on Monday so I expected an extremely crowded city.

It was crowded, but bearable. Still fine! Relaxedly drive around, sightsee, enjoy snack, sing songs, and hearty chats.

Fantastic Beasts!


No review as usual. But this movie is light and fun!

I really wanted to watch this since a month ago but I never found a great time to watch it. I was extremely busy last month and the last few weeks I was just so tired and I forced myself to exercise more than usual (to slim down before le holiday lol) and I refused to watch on weekend--save money ma--so I couldn't find a time to watch.

We watched this on Saturday.

Newt Scamander is so cute! 😍

I didn't understand who were those orphans but there were some terms and names I recognised from Harry Potter (And I was thinking whether non Harry Potter fan would understand?). Oh, and I guess there will be more Fantastic Beast movies because they just barely mentioned about Gellert Grindelwald at the end of the movie and I think he is a quite important character? Because he was quite important, but under-performed in Harry Potter series.

Anyway it has been a great holiday for me, er for us, to end this year! I already told my Producer that I will work in the end of the year and I am fine with that. I will enjoy my work!

Thank you very much for the awesome holiday! Looking forward to the next one.

Lots of love ♥

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