Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunset from hill: Ratu Boko Temple.

We went to Ratu Boko temple to watch sunset.

It took me a while to reach there because I have never been there before. But overall it was still easy to find. Me la, what can't I do? What can't I find? 😉

I cannot eat spicy food. I cannot count fast. I cannot tahan people tickle my waist. Haha.

Okay so, urm, we reached the temple entrance at 4PM something and it was rained so I carried the umbrella along with us climbing the temple.

Entrance ticket: IDR 25,000/person. Parking fee: IDR 10,000.

So spacious! So wide! I love! 😍

We took a walk around, sightsaw, took pictures here and there:

Smaller than Borobudur or Prambanan, but still gives the same vibe.

Stopped a while and looked at the back!

Then moved forward, saw this view!

Stopped and looked at back again, saw this view. Look at the far right--not noticeable but slightly seen city!

Walked forward again.

Stopped and looked at back again: Okay the sun is still up!

Very very spacious place! I love it so much!

Breathed in and out hugely!

These stones... were supposed to be something.

Water was supposed to be here.

That temple definitely was something.

I didn't pay much attention I am so sorry! 😭

Mysterious stairs. Fushigi na kaidan. (Eh, I made quite interesting title?!)

Up here it was very chill and the view wasn't obstructed at all. 

Look at that mirror lake-like!

Sunset should start very soon!

Really amazed with the spacious place that calmed me down. I love spacious places. I love nature!

Wow look at that city I don't know where!

And the 80% obstructed sunset view!

I peeped for sunset--or sun peeped?

Know why I love sunsets? The colour--it is magic!

Sunsets are so beautiful--it tries to tell us that the end is beautiful on its own. It tells us to look forward to the next beginning!

Climbed on a high stone to take pic of the sunset!

In fact, I managed to capture several differently taken sunset pictures!

#1 Normal one

#2 Darker one

#3 Purple one

#4 Even darker (and mystic) 

#5 The darkest dusk

This was one new trip I had. Definitely an affordable activity to do. If you are lucky, the sky would be bright and clear, cloudless to the point that the sunset pictures would be superb!

Thank you for the amazing trip!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Looks so great.

  2. hahah love the confident 'what can't I do? what can't I find?' *thumbs up*
    if me, I will got lost first before I can find it hahahah

    lovely pictures! as always!
    maybe I should plan my next trip going to your beautiful Indonesia? xD

    1. Eh eh!! If you ever come here, come to ma place, I will take paid leaves for you la!!!!!! But tell me way in advance alright?? I will treat you yummy yummy Indon food and everything!! :D:D:D


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