Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Miki's awesome 6th year!

It would have been Miki's 6th birthday on Sunday, 11th of December. 🐶

It is still very hard for me to wake up and do my daily activities at home without those little footsteps. Hard for me not to be able to find something furry on the floor to rub--and it will respond. Hard for me not to be able to find someone so cute and adorable that loves me so much.


But I feel way better now. I am happier.
I am fine.
I let it go.

So I decided to celebrate her birthday--one more time. 🍰

I did nothing much that reflected her. I wanted to eat yummy dinner and cake. Coincidentally I went to eat yummy dinner on the 10th so I commemorated it to become her birthday dinner:

Location: Parsley Resto Kaliurang.

I ate so much I was about to explode!

And bought a very humble KFC's choco-lava cake as her birthday cake on 11th of December. Although I am 100% sure I wouldn't have let her eat it at all.

Location: KFC BDNI Sudirman.

I was thinking that I might adopt furry friends again. My strongest reason is that I feel a bit lonely at home now without Miki and I want to take care and love new furry friends.

I'll introduce them here someday when I have settled things down. Meanwhile, I am working hard to eradicate and completely kill all the remaining ticks in the house from Miki--I just realised there are hidden ticks here and there and I was so damn angry to see so many of it while I never noticed all of these before.

These ticks were the one caused her sickness and I really hated all of it. I wanted all of it to be completely gone.

Until then, I will not take care of anything. I will also prepare my heart and mind to welcome someone new.

I am not afraid of hurting Miki's heart. I don't think that way. I instead want to let the future new furry friends know that there was one big and adorable sister who lived very happily here.

Happy birthday, Miki! I hope you are very happy now wherever you are!

I miss you so much.

*brb crying* 😭

p.s. Thank you Ranger Meow for eating the randomly held birthday dinner with me and coping up with my birthday talk. Really appreciate it!

Lots of love ♥


  1. T.T happy bday Miki

    I think you should continue to take care of furry friends becoz once an animal lover, you forever will be.
    I know Miki will be happy with your decision too :)

    1. Thank you Unni!! *hugssssss* She would be so happy!!


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