Sunday, December 18, 2016

Merapi Jeep Lava Tour Adventure!

I went for a Lava Tour Adventure on Sunday!

It was a very last minute plan. The weather was cloudy, I was crossing finger hard that it would be sunny whole day.

Had a very weird lunch before actually going to the Lava Tour site. So much disappointment 😔 ended up feeding the fishies my lunch. 🐟

Then looked for the Lava Tour office to register for our trip. I referred to this website, it is a really humble and informative website!

I opted for Jeep Lava Tour Merapi MGM Adventure for the one that would provide us the trip. There are five packages available:
⏩ Package 1 (Mini Short): Rp300.000 per jeep.
Duration: about 90 minutes

⏩ Package 2 (Short): Rp350.000 per jeep.
Duration: about 120 minutes

⏩ Package 3 (Medium): Rp450.000 per jeep.
Duration: about 150 minutes

⏩ Package 4 (Long): Rp550.000 per jeep.
Duration: about 180 minutes

⏩ Package 5 (Sunrise): Rp400.000 per jeep.
Duration: about 150 minutes
I chose the Package 2 because the people recommended it.

Then we waited for around 10 minutes before our jeep arrived.

Barely could see the mountain. What a pity!

I think that was our jeep?! Number 11!

Yeah we got a jeep for us! Then we jumped on the jeep and started the tour!

It was so fun! 😄

The wind was very chill, was my first time riding jeep! Shiok!

I thought it would be somewhat scary but the rocky path, the shaking jeep and the steep routes were all very fun! We passed by some roads that no normal car would be able to drive through--I was expecting something scarier, such as driving on the side of a very steep hill but I guess that would be too much?

More pics?

Actually these pics are the one that were on the pretty chill roads. I didn't take any pic on rocky and shaky roads because I was scared I would drop my Ginny to the dark abyss. 😨

We visited a house that was passed by real lava back in 2010.

These are the things that were rescued during 2010 eruption. These had hot lava passed through them--supposedly. The smell still lingered, I didn't know what was that.

Then we continued the journey:

Wow that looks cool.

Start to get shaky at this point!

Mountain why are you so shy?! Lame!!

So shaky and scary steep road! 😫

We also visited a hill where we could see the real lava path.

Kowai desu.

Also a huge stone that is called Alien Stone.

Although I failed to decipher why is it called Alien.

Eh! I saw someone cute so I took a pic of her:

Tyvm! I think she is Japanese. Lol (Don't kick me please 😛)

Then after this we went to the next place: The Bunker. It is a place that is supposed to be a hiding place for the people to hide from the lava--when evacuation is impossible.

Here is the bunker--the one people used to hide from real lava flow.

It was so chill and nice up there! 🌋

It was fun, great, awesome, thrilling! My driver was also very nice (he was a boy) and drove the jeep really well. We saw one jeep or two that was stuck on a very rocky road but ours survived the entire journey! Lihai!

Ah, also it rained when we were about to return back to the site! In the middle of the rain, we passed by a rocky river and the jeep accelerated super fast and shaky! 😱

It triggered my scream!!!!! 😱

The driver kindly let us went pass through the river twice and it triggered yet another scream from me. It was so fun nonetheless. I like water! 💦

How many years have I been living here and now then I got to experience this fun jeep trip?

Lots of love ♥


  1. So vast the place. and love the idea of continue exploring using the jeep. like safari rides. keke
    but that skeleton, a tat bit creepy :S
    I love how your always posted the entry tix price in your post. well informed.

    1. Hehehe indeed creepy and slightly smelly =(
      Yeah! I wanted to remember about it.. Pretty sure in years the price will change ;)


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