Sunday, December 25, 2016

Hello Momo and Toto!

24 December 2016; Momo and Toto are home!

It is still hard for me to get over Miki's crossing rainbow. But then my inner 'motherly' intuition demands a fluffy friend.

So I got one. Two, to be exact.

Momo and Toto are two baby bunnies I got. I initially wanted to pet something unusual, such as guinea pig (and named him Babi) but then guinea pigs are really hard to find. I found bunnies instead.

It took me a few weeks to actually settle to these two girls (yes, both are females) from our first meet, our first hug and our first time going home together.

These babies are really furry, soft and cute.

I will introduce them here:

Momo Tikus

Or just Momo is fine.

Baby white Netherland Dwarf.

She is EXTREMELY SMALL I mistook her as hamster or rat sometimes. Thus, the name Momo Tikus. But she is very friendly, she is also very active (hopping here and there all the time) and she likes to be carried.

Every time I carry her, she will then climb my body and sniff here and there. Too cute!

Toto Doggy

Or just Toto is alright.

Baby white/brown Fuzzy Lop.

Her lop ears looks like doggies' so I like to call her Toto Doggy. She is bigger than Momo, also way fuzzier and calmer. She doesn't like to be carried (although in some tries I managed to carry her to my lap).

Every time I carry her, she will mostly sit on my lap and not wandering or climbing around me just like Momo. But she surely loves being patted. Every time I pat Toto, she will lick my arm. What a lovely, lovely lick! 😭💕

See how Momo loves to wander around my body and attempts to kiss me every time I carry her? Sweet Momo!

This is my first time keeping bunnies so I am still noob in everything. I got scared when I saw her mouth was so wet and dirty so I rubbed it with tissue--no result though. The next day she was doing fine with dry mouth so I guess I was worried way too much?

Still hasn't had any time to buy them the hay and so far I only gave them the fatty pellets and apples. I know I really need to take some time to get some veggies and stock unlimited hay for them but really, this week I have been damn busy and the road is hopeless--it is too crowded here on the last week of 2016.

Oh ya, initially I wanted to name them Uno and Sia (because my doggy was Miki = Micky, then Uno = Yunho, then Sia = Xia → geddit? Haha) to complement my pet sisters' with DBSK names 😂

But I then changed to Momo and Toto because Uno and Sia is hard to call.

I hope we can be best friends, Momo and Toto!

Lots of love ♥


  1. so fluffy!!
    my first experience with rabbits when i was small is not good so I was never keen to have them as pets xS
    I can't believe they can be so cuddly!
    nice choice of names: Momo and Toto. (love Momo most because, Avatar the Last Airbender keke)
    alaaaa! you should have named them with TVXQ name!! that would be so cool!!!!

    1. They are extremely hard to pet!! =( Doggies or cats are much better in my opinion. They are so cuddly now though but still I feel like we are emotionally distant.

      Yeeessss Momo is from Avatar la!!

      HAHAHAHAH. I shouldve stuck with Xia/ Yunho right? :P


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