Saturday, December 24, 2016

Fast-growing family!

It is end-of-year holiday for kids, so all the critters (my nephew and nieces) are gathering here for holiday!

My family is an external family (nephew and nieces are my cousins' critters) but we have grown to be very close so we all had a big yummy Friday together.

I went to Parsley Restaurant (again) and this time we went to the Seturan one.

Ordered chicken and it was:


It was not mushroom sauce I tell ya! It was awesome though. My first time eating it! I helped Parsley cleaned the plate, teehee 😜

I also met the critters and it felt so awkward!

So I am supposed to sit with my cousins, which are their parents. But the cousins are at least 9 years older than me so they said they are in the 'oldie group', together with their parents (Aunty and Uncle) and my parents.

I am no old, okay?!

But then it means the only group left is the 'critter group' which ran here and there, and played this and that.

Uhhh, I could only laughed?

I felt left out! 😣

But again, to see those cute critters, I felt so happy! Some critters were also interested in my drawing so I lent them my sketchbook I brought daily and they looked at it without comment. Hahaha.

Hard to understand kids! Easy to play with them, hard to get to know them!

Also it kicks me hard to see all my cousins are growing their own families already--while I still remember that time when I was their youngest 'sister' and they spoilt me a lot!

But it seems so fun as well with all these kawaii critters. I guess it is not a bad thing to adult?

One of my cousin I really liked talked to my Dad and Uncle about his business. So it seemed that business nowadays are turbulating hard so he tried to learn new skills such as cooking and baking. Investments and properties keep giving us unpredictable surprises that we all shall be ready with at least some basic skills to open a small business in case emergency happens.

It scares me so much?

Has the world economy been this unpredictable before?

Or it has always been like this but I was ignorant about it?

I have planned out several options to save my own fortune. Investment, business and frozen money. But again, whether it is a good decision or not, I don't know.

Nobody knows.

It is bitter-sweet to see all of us grow older.

Anyway it was a great dinner.

Lots of love ♥


  1. *cringe* about the business and economic parts.
    that's what happening here too. everyone's been worrying and keep talking about extra investment stuff. I feel pressured. :P
    and yes, kids are hard to read and nowadays they are not easy to impress.
    Am I that uncool, uninteresting aunt already?
    ahahaha ha ha ha

    1. Ehehehe me too =(
      I don't think I look that aunty yet but I have so many nephews and nieces already! Noooo


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