Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Thank you ❤

Wow. Suddenly it is already 2017! Happy new year folks 👏

I wish for a great year for you, and me, and everyone!

Last selca in 2016 taken shortly after I woke up like a pig 🐷

What has happened in 2016:

1. Started this year with a short holiday. I had a great one btw! I am very grateful!

2. I started to work! I know I am a year late than my friends who started to work already in 2015 but I told myself that it was a blessing. I am fine, I have my own way, I will work my best in walking on mine.

3. It was the first time that I went to my boss' place for a small party and I had so much fun!

4. I also took a short break in the middle of this year to Jakarta. I really miss Jakarta so much! No matter how many people complain about its traffic, or people, or crowds, Jakarta places a special place in my heart. I love their amazingly delicious foods. My favourite friends are also there, I miss them so much!!

5. I took yet another short break to Surabaya on September. Got to see my stupid Sis on her birthday, ate yummy foodies and enjoyed the short holiday!

6. I was torn so badly on November that my 6-year-old Sister went to heaven due to sickness (and partly my fault of not knowing). I still miss her up to today but I believe she is currently very healthy and happy so it doesn't matter anymore. I will never forget her!

Gosh, I will still cry every time I remember you, notti girl!

7. To end this year, I took leaves for enjoying the last month of 2016. Short escapades--not really--but I had so much fun and laughter, and that is what matters.

8. Got to meet my big family and critters from other city as well. In fact this year we had more gatherings with even bigger families than before. So happy how our big family, grows even bigger!

My youngest niece: baby Tauriel! (her parents is a fan of The Hobbit so yeah lol).

9. I got myself two furry sisters again! I am still in progress of bonding with them, and it will take a while. But I hope they will all grow happily and healthily!

To sum it up...

It is a great feeling now that I can 'formally' build up my saving. Before this, I was able to build up saving by doing random things here and there, Internship two years ago, currency investment and drawing stuff. This time, I don't need to spend money for my education no longer--but it is the time for me to put what I have learnt into the working life.

I had one sad thought that I have stopped learning formally. There are so many things out there that I really want to get to know and learn! Accounting, auditing, stock investment, housing, country development, entertainment industry, and many more!

Am I losing my opportunity?

No way! I think the Almighty Universe heard about what I wish for so she gave me a work place where I can learn about a totally new world: Gaming Industry!

Wow that is so great! Thank you!

The funny thing is that the thing I am currently working at is a completely different from what I have learnt for so many years so far so it is a great opportunity for me to learn yet again. I am so grateful! I feel very blessed! I cannot say thank you enough!

This mindset I carry all the time has allowed me to enjoy this year well! The ups and the downs, everything is so good! I had a great year overall!

For everyone who has been very kind to me, who taught me lessons, who supported me, who gave me their hands and pull me, who pushed my back, and who smiled with me:

Thank you!

Let's enjoy 2017! Look forward to awesome, better things ahead!

Last afternoon in 2016! Fuwa fuwa no kumo~ 🌤

Lots of love ♥


  1. love how you sums up your 2016 like this. I'm inspired! i might do a post soon like this one (if I rajin enough to do it hahaha)
    Happy New Year Jessica!
    hopes this new year brings more prosperity to you and your love ones. <3

    1. Hahahahaha! I was too rajin la XD
      Happy new year too AzNurr!! <3 May your wishes all will come true hah!


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