Friday, November 4, 2016

Week 44th morning skies!


Special edition: Sunday to Friday!

Last week was mostly cloudy. Pretty cosy weather, but we got rain every now and then. I started to exercise really seriously because I skipped two days thanks to me falling asleep on the newly bought chair.

I hope to at least shed some grams for good.

So I am currently very vexed.

I joined an event in my company, which is to analyse the latest Triple-A games and break it down into some theories.

I never played any Triple-A games recently. =(

So my first idea is The Sims 3, one famous game I played the longest. But one colleague asked whether we can do it with The Sims 3 and the people holding the event said, no The Sims 3 is not allowed.

I seriously have no idea what game should I choose. I think about this, day and night, even in my dreams. The famous games I played are The Sims series, Tamagotchi, Kirby, Super Mario, what else?

I don't play games like Bioshock, DOOM, GTA, NFS, Witcher (on my wishlist but it is still to expensive for me?) and anything else.

Haiz. I hope I will find a way and actually find myself some good Triple-A game to analyse.

Edit (06 Nov 2016):
I just asked two of my progamer (LOL) friends and they suggested me too famous titles. These famous titles are all either need me to experience the walkthrough, or too expensive, or too difficult to understand without playing, or not a Triple-A game.

Thanks for the help. I don't know this kind of thing stresses me so much? I am really certified alay-girl I think hahah.

Lots of love ♥

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