Thursday, November 3, 2016

Train to Busan's #handsomedad!

I watched Train to Busan at cinema like almost two months ago?--with my colleagues!

It was very unexpectedly nice! My favourite movies have always been horror and fantasy, and a little bit of action sometimes. I like movies that are rich in story, have its unexpected twists and ends happily.

This movie is slightly different from the ones I usually enjoy. It started, without introduction of what caused the zombie outbreaks and anything else, just the protagonist family surviving zombies attack.

But what made me love this movie and called it 'unexpectedly nice':

1. Very realistic zombies.
Not the normal undead zombies, these ones were very aggressive.

Remember this poor infected girl who was kena bitten for the first time?

Not really recommended if you cannot stand watching blood. But I am fine with blood and violence so this is still okay for me.

2. Character development.
From the selfish dad to become a very helpful dad.

But personally I think his selfishness is quite reasonable. In emergency cases, we all need to care about ourselves and our family first, then strangers. He wouldn't want to abandon his daughter and he wanted the best for her okay? Go go #handsomedad lol.

3. Good acting.
The one that is really pitiful to the one that is really hateful.

This fucker, I couldn't forgive him for (Spoiler Alert!) killing my #handsomedad and fyi I hold grudge for eternity. Eh wait, he is not even my dad. We don't even know each other what.

4. Unexpected twist.
Didn't even think that this guy would not survive!

He seemed very nice. Ain't he very #husbandgoal, in terms of the braveness and gentlemaness? Also, poor his preggy wife. Do you remember the way she cried when her hubby kena bite? Aw.

She really deserved him.

She was also very strong and could run far and fast despite of her being preggy--she also could calmly think without having to scream every five minutes just like the typical annoying girls in movies.

Spoiler: Also, the very heartbreaking #handsomedad didn't survive! Boohoo!

Poor little girl, she only wanted to see her Mum on her birthday and she had to see her #handsomedad kena bite. Boohoo!

The moment when he kena bite: everyone around me cried themselves out. I felt awkward at that time: should I cry? Should I laugh? Should I stay quiet?

5. #handsomedad

Do you still need to ask? #handsomedad

I have known Gong Yoo for quite a while thanks to me trapped in KPop world since I was in high school.

Reaction after watched movie:
Happy: yes, because I got to enjoy #handsomedad haha.
Scared: not really.
Sad: not really, although many of my friends cried watching this movie including my Mum, lol.
Disappointed: nope. I am very satisfied.

Would I watch it again? Yes, but not in near time. I need the thrill!

Lots of love ♥


  1. OMGGG YASSSHHH #HANDSOMEDAD! hAHAH i hate that the big guy didn't survive huhuuhu

    1. LOL YES #HANDSOMEDAD! Hahahaha. Yeah that guy was sooooo nice =(

    Tapi ya setuju sama lu. This is the best Zombie movie I've ever seen. Ini zombie movie pertama yg bikin gua mengharu biru nontonnya. Hikssss

      Yep, it was so nice, really surprising!

  3. I didn't watch it till the end. I had a feeling that I'd get 'baper' in the end lolz. So, the dad died? :(( I'm glad I didn't watch that part! He's like SO cool:3

    I was very sad for the pregnant woman when her funny husband got bitten:(

    1. OMG I hope I don't spoil everything?
      Yes he died =( I am very sad!! Yes indeed he is so cool okay!

      I am very sad too huuuuuuuu

  4. one of my friends watched this movie TWICE!
    I havent though hahaha Havent got the need to watch yet :P
    I know the reviews for this is amazing

    1. LOL! You should really watch this someday, maybe when the hype is over. Just like me, started watching You Who Came from The Stars two years after its release XD


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