Sunday, November 6, 2016

Solo one-night holiday!

Last weekend, Uncle Sea came and we all went for a one-night holiday at Solo! Since Solo is within driving distance, cousin gor gor in-law drove for all of us instead.

The weather was very nice on that Saturday morning!

We all started heading at around 11AM and we reached at around 1PM+.

It was so sunny and hot! Yay!

We stopped by Timlo Solo restaurant for lunch together:

I got myself Racikan Selat Solo (again). I think I am loving this dish so much I cannot eat anything else anymore!

Reached the hotel we were going to spend our weekend on! It was Royal Surakarta Heritage Hotel by AccorHotels.

Damn I missed the chance to actually get my Le Accor Club membership card again. I think I need to book a room with my name but this time Uncle Sea who booked the rooms for us under his name generally so I need to wait a little bit longer to book a room by myself. Be patient, my membership card!

The hotel lobby is so vast and looked very culturally-rich. It gives some sort of creepy vibe, but I grew that out very quickly. Actually the Javanese culture is very rich and beautiful, and this hotel gives it perfectly! It is very Indonesian!

They even have one room specially to exhibit some very Indonesian stuff, though I didn't come there and took any look.

The high sofa, looks so cosy. It really is!

The four wayang characters: Semar, Gareng, Petruk, Bagong. Mum and Dad told me so, lol.

Lucky! Uncle said since the hotel was not crowded so they upgraded our room one class higher--the highest! Yay! We got to enjoy a very wide hotel room and everything else nice.

Very vast bathroom! Look at the bathtub reflection on the mirror--I so very love bathtub!

Mandatory mirror selca before we messed the bathroom out.

Look at the bar, sorta creepy but still nice! The room also had ironing table and many more I couldn't remember. It was so good.

Until I discovered something on the floor:

What the hell whose blood? Turned out it was mine, I think I stepped on something hard (pulled out something from my toe) like a fragment of glass? Poor toe.

Then since it was already 3PM+ and it was so sunny, we all went swimming right away! Yay for the hotel who provides a swimming pool!

Headed to the swimming pool on the third floor, we saw this view on our way. The hotel is very interesting right! Looks like a boarding house?

They even have this spacious gym centre! Unfortunately I didn't bring my exercise shoes (I wore stupid slippers instead) so I couldn't enter. Although we can exercise ciak ga there, I don't really want it.

Reached the swimming pool!

Not so huge la considering it is placed on the third floor. But still nice!

It was empty, but when we started to undress ourselves, people were coming. Lol.

Huh? I think I saw a cute girl here so I took pic of her from behind?

Mum: I took a pic of a pink piggy going to swim leh. Swimming pool water confirm will flood out and only half left.

Errr.. Thanks Mum!

Mum took another pic of pink piggy making heart shape in the pool!

After swimming session on a surprisingly very freezing swimming pool we then headed to our room to rest ourselves. I took a nice hot shower (didn't try the bath because I was dead tired and I wanted to sleep right away) then slept for a while before we went out for late dinner.

Cousin gor gor in-law brought us to eat something nice, smokey and popular!

I ordered yet another Racikan Selat Solo. Aiya, I cannot love this dish enough!

Had smokey satay and smokey satay buntel: minced meat made into satay thus the huge satays.

After the yummy and fatty dinner, we went back to the hotel. Me and some people decided to walk around the hotel to see city. Then after around an hour we walked back to hotel.

Like the typical Accor's Hotels view? Lots of trees.

They have these Gamelan set on the lobby. There are people who play musics here every morning!

And creepy double seat in between two pretty human statues!

I then video-called stupid Sis in hotel room before slept and we had massive laughters whole night! Dad already slept after shower and Mum enjoying the late night horror-special movies.

I then fell asleep at 1AM, unable to sleep well at first but then I could sleep very soundly until morning came.

Uncle Sea woke us up, and after quick shower we headed downstairs for our paid buffet breakfast!

Yay for buffet breakfast!

I don't fancy the idea of buffet meals because I--ironically--cannot eat too much when I am forced to eat as much as I can. I eat a lot, but I don't like having to eat a lot. So buffet meals is on the low-priority in my eat list.

But I realised that I might be wrong. Buffet meals, on the right place, can be the best thing ever!

First round: I took everything savory and fatty.

Potato wedges, half-done twin yolks (sorry parents, I promise this is my first and last!), smoked chicken, waffle + almonds + rice choco + maple syrup, roll bread, siewmay, bao.

Eating these with the people we like so much tasted so much better!

Second (and last, lol) round: more siewmays (because it was so yummy!), corn in a cob, pastry, watermelon and honeydew.

I thought I ate so much but now that I think about it, it wasn't too much? I guess I shall have more buffet meals to train my stomach to contain more food.

What the hell did I say wtf I shall not eat so much any more! I am having a slim and perfect body! 

See the view from our hotel room lobby (9th floor). We could see the Merapi mountain from here! Amazing!

Then we checked out after packing our luggages. Thank you for the great service and amazing buffet!

I don't know this is like the typical Accor Hotel's thingie?

We then headed to Orion to buy this and that (foods and snacks, lol). I didn't buy any because I felt really tired, sore throat and heaty at that time. I was like this feeling is just so unpleasant -__-

Orion was full of people buying snacks. It is just so famous but I guess I am going to buy more stuff in my next visit?

Solo is amazing!

Lots of love ♥


  1. thank you so much for this post!
    amazing pictures to go with your story as well.
    love it.
    I love free breakfast buffet xD


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