Sunday, November 6, 2016

Never shun seafood!

I don't have many history with seafoods; except I had seafood poison sickness twice and I had horrible rashes that lasted for months due to eating yummy seafood.

But if someone asked me: "Wanna seafood tonight?" I will surely say: "Yes! Count me in!"

I used to be careful by avoiding seafood but since a few years ago I decided I don't want to care about it anymore. Seafood is so nice I just will never shun seafood!

So Uncle Sea brought us to The Westlake: another type of cottage restaurant for seafood.

I only visited this restaurant once before and I am glad I have the chance to eat here again!

One thing I really like from powerful digital camera: with small gadget we can take pretty night pictures! Thank you Bumblebee!

So we met our big family from Dad's side and we gathered together since it has been ages since we all gathered together like this! It was so noisy and chattery!

My cousins there were all having their babies already so they brought those little critters. And the little critters were running around so cute. Some younger ones were carried by the elders and they shared each other stories about their very tiny babies.

Cousins disturbed me with: Waiting for your turn to carry your own baby!

I was, huh?

So my cousins and me have pretty huge gap: from 8 to 14 years apart. They just had their babies so I think I still have some years before planning for mine? Okay la I somehow think this kind of pressure might be worse than the pressure of looking for an employment.

"When will you intro me 'the man'?"
"Seriously? Maybe some few years in the future when I am sure with one?"
"Don't wait for too long, kay."

I think starting a family really needs full thought and consideration. It is not an easy: "I like you, I am horny with you, I wanna marry you already". I learnt the hard way that it sucks!

I cannot just find a man I like and intro him as our new family member right? I have the role to get to know him, to get to know the real him, to consider whether I would be okay to spend my days with him and to see whether we can be very friendly, lusty and loving at each other at the same time.

I don't know, I think that would be fun? Having someone really fun to be with forever. Not only lust.

My current job is to be my best self, to slim myself down, to make myself happy (I think I am doing it right although I slip every now and then haiz) and to properly declare what I want!

My big family! Some pics are kinda blurry? Yeah, it is on purpose. Lol.

I really like their Westlake Special Sauce dishes. It looks spicy, it does have a little bit of spiciness but I super duper like it!

You can never shun seafood!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Great post and love the neat concept.
    Thanks for the lovely comments on my recent outfit post, I deeply appreciate it!!

  2. Beautiful view from the restaurant!
    Yummy looking food as well
    and you are right about 'introducing the man of your life' part to your family.
    you just wana be sure yourself first before you try and convince your entire family with him.
    and not just lust. SO CORRECT!
    the way you call them rascals 'critters' HAHAHAH why?

    1. Yes! One day when you are coming here I'll take you to everywhere yummy! XD
      Yes that's so true! Some people might think I am still very conservative now but the reality shows it: people who rush everything won't do good, in some cases.
      Hahahah because they are so noisy and naughty and even one of them, I said hi to him then he screamed and ran away just like I was a monster trying to kidnap him -____-


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