Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Miki, now and forever.

I spent days to collect all Miki's pictures. I am pretty sure I still have some in my HP or my Sis' or my Mum's, I'll ask them later.

I know all of this time, she was, is and will always be our precious little girl no matter what.

The time we spent was short--but I hope for the last 5 (almost) 6 years, she was happy and content.


I believe these pics was on her first days at our house. We were still in our old house!

She was really really small, I almost forget it.

Brought her to my High School and she behaved really well!

And we spoilt her way too much.

How I took a nap with her. It was very very nostalgic!

She grew so fast.

Naughty and tengil girl, but we loved her nonetheless.

In a short time she grew up to be very heavy that I had to support her with my thigh!

All so sudden she had grown so big!

And extremely naughty!

I think this pic is really cute.

I think she looks really pretty here.

She accompanied us watch Korean drama, lovely girl.

◇2012 - 2014◆

My first time home after merantau (living in another city) for a year, I think?

And she was really cute that she always slept beside me--I think she missed me so much?

She was the loveliest when she slept--because she was 90% naughty when she was up!

I got my digicam--so we took pretty selcas!

Sleepy girl.

She is my prettiest.


Took selca when I was finally home after I passed my defence!

Went for a morning jogging with her--only for a few mins. Lol.

Tied her after her bath--I hoped she liked staying warm outside! Although she barked all the time.

Getting to know her surroundings because we seldom brought her outside.

She really loved sleeping in my room--with that mat before she shitted on it!

She really loved being there.

She loved my Mum the most.

Remember this, when I tried to take selca with her?

She slept on my backside because it is so fatty, alright?!

This was the day when ahma passed, she was behaving very sweetly and slept with me without me asking her. Thank you very much.

Look at how she had grown to be such a gentle girl.

It was on my birthday when I got myself some gold fishies--and she loved them! 🐠

Or she thought they were food? Lol.

She was very happy nonetheless.

Her last year's birthday on 11 December 2015--and her last one. 😭💔

She loved this chair so much--it is Dad's.


I remember this! This pic was taken before I went out to be Meow Ranger's tour guide. I really miss hugging her.

This was another day--when she wanted to sleep on bed but I didn't let her.

When she behaved really sweetly and I took pics of her sweet faces.

This was when we saw the Solar Eclipse together! I am so happy she got to see one.

This was one hot day in the middle of year!

So was this!

Love how calm she was in this pic--this is my new house btw, we just moved.

And she was half-unwillingly took pics with me. 😒

Got her a new mat to sleep on! She really loved it. 💕

She was very adorable.

And I think this was her last proper pics.

I really miss hugging you! 😭💔💦

Lots of love ♥

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