Monday, November 7, 2016

MCU 2016 result!

So my MCU 2016 result came out last month!

Out of my expectation, I did mostly pretty well! My only issues are:

* Cholesterol, mine is left one hair brush gap from the high limit (nearby 200, lol). I need to really reduce oily and fatty food.

I like peanuts and fried stuff so I think this is my problem. Really need to run further and lift heavier weight to say bye bye to cholesterol.

* SGPT/SGOT, mine is almost doubled from the upper border (should be 30, mine is 60+).

I initially had no idea what that means so I didn't think about it much. But then when I told my Sis the result she worried about it a bit, like: why is your SGPT/SGOT very high? It shouldn't be that high.

So I had no idea but my parents told me to see doctor on Saturday to consult about my MCU result.

Apparently the way they told me to see doctor seemed like my high SGPT/SGOT is very disturbing and dangerous so my mood was lowered a lot.

I was thinking I might be very sick.

Also, I was thinking probably I was dying. LOL. I don't know. I have been feeling not so healthy since September and probably I am going to find out that something might be wrong inside me.

I am still very young and I still have so many things I want to do, and so many places I want to go to. I am very healthy and I won't let any negative thoughts disturb me!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Be positive! its probably nothing!
    but I know how you feel, I once felt like I was dying too (coz I was having indigestion too often) but then I remember we're all gona die some day, might as well just carry on with life and stop worrying hahaha
    sorry if i was being insensitive, but really, I am sure it's probably nothing

    1. LOL yes! You know what I am having way too often diarrhea I am scared I actually am keeping something dangerous inside my intestines :( but probably I am just worried too much! :D Because I feel okay apart from feeling all of these. Thank you very much!


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