Tuesday, November 1, 2016

24th resolutions.

I am so grateful that I passed yet another year, safe and sound!

Here is my updated list of my previous post:
====23rd resolution====
01. Myself.
I would like to be 110 pounds!
I want to love myself entirely, inside and outside.
I want a striking hairdye? (Pink or blond maybe lol)
I want to find my inner peace.
Find my art genre!
Start myself a fun, challenging and awesome career.
02. My family.
Parents and sister good health and be happy and successful!
Family holiday trip!
03. My friends.
Find new friends.
Cherish old friends.
04. Blogging.
A brand-new blogging concept!
Start to monetize blog!
In my 23rd year of living as my current self, I think this year is the year when I encountered so much magic and miracles!

Remember how 2015 was a year I didn't like? This year, 2016--despite of so many fortune-tellings said I need to be more cautious since it is my 本命年--It is way much better than 2015! I found something inside me that actually grow up, I learnt so many new things, I fall, and I always make sure I stand up again.

01. Myself
Okay, I haven't really found my art genre but I know that I love to draw cute and girly things so I assume I am into it. I don't wanna border myself and my imaginations so I won't try to define my art genre anymore. I think by not defining myself it will let me to expand my creativity, thus I will be able to draw more!

This is the first magic I got: I officially started a fun, challenging and awesome career earlier this year! The best thing is that this is extremely unexpected! For some time by the end of my University years, I had always thought I wanted to work in a huge multi-national company.

Thankfully, I have passed over that and am now way happier than before!

Long story short, I then tried one more time and applied myself to a game-development company and they accepted me in a very short time! Read more: here.

I think it is Universe's way of telling me: I think this company will suit you well, you'll have fun working, and you'll be able to keep doing your hobby!

She is right! I now work happily even in the busiest weeks; because I am not allowed to bring my work home--which means, I am guaranteed to have much time for my hobby!

Everything really happens for a great reason.

And I am very grateful of that!

And by the way, I no longer want striking haircut and striking hairdye because I no longer find hairdye fascinating. I think I start to love completely natural hair now! I am over that phase already!

02. My family
I am very grateful that in my entire 23rd, my family is living very healthily and happily!

I think one factor that contributes the most is that now we discipline ourselves into (almost) daily gym. I joined it, not that discipline but still I exercised a little bit more than before. And I am glad, I feel much better working out my body because I pledge to make people who shame me and my buni buni tummy regret themselves and lick their spitted saliva.

I wanna see who will laugh in the end. Lol! #notsure #butokay

We had short holiday to Jakarta on July and we had so much fun. On next holiday, I really want to bring my family overseas. I have never been to South Korea and I am thinking to go there since so many of my friends are going there and they seemed to have so much fun! I am saving for leaves now by working hard without holiday. #yolo

03. My friends
Thanks to me starting to work in a completely new company, I meet so many new people. They are very friendly and kind, so I guess this is the second magic I found: I make so many new friends! It is amazing how all these people, mostly older than me, be friend with a social-nerd and introvert like me. I am very grateful.

Also, I did have an unexpected meeting with my extremely old friends which were documented here.

04. Blogging
Starting this year, I monetized my blog a little bit. I work on a simple advertising banner under my header--which I see is not disturbing enough--for this blog to survive. I fully realise this conflicted with my wish of not monetizing my blog which I mentioned a few years ago, but then I think again, it won't do much harm to monetize my blog a little bit. Besides, the main purpose of advertising is money--and I am doing my best of looking and grabbing as many money flow as possible!

By the way, I am open with sponsored posts as well. Contact me for inquiries.

And now, for the 24th resolutions:
====24th resolutions====
01. Myself
I would like to be 55kg
I will love myself entirely
I will be honest with myself
I will have fun at work and improving myself
I will make little money from my hobby
I look forward to pleasant surprises that make me happy!
02. My family
My family being healthy and happy
Sis graduates well!
Big family outing for holiday together!
03. My friends
Cut wilt friendships and cherish the genuine ones
Forgive and forget
04. Blogging
Earn from blog monetization and cooperations
And enjoy it!
Still working hard on my weight--I keep losing and gaining, I know I am not trying hard enough but for now I will do my best ah!

I look forward to adult more in my 24th, I hope I am going to do fine! Wish me luck!

Anyway, I return to my morning skies habit!

Even better, I woke up early (lol) on Saturday because I was going out for a staycation! Stay tuned for the post.

I like this hobby, it makes my chest warm to collect these skies picture. I know the place where I take the pictures aren't too pretty. I hope I can take more skies picture from my house instead and take better and clearer pics in the future!

Thank you for always supporting me, silently or not. I am glad to know all of you, my readers!

Lots of love ♥

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