Monday, October 24, 2016

Yummy Food Journal.

This post is dedicated for foodies! The ones I eat when Ginny or Bumblebee is by my side. The one I post here are confirmed yummy by me because I am not going to post bad foods.

Since I don't always take pictures of my foodies I compile what I have eaten in this post:

Bought a set from PHD: one regular Pizza pan, one Lasagna and one portion of Chicken Wings!

Traditional Soto Ayam at the borderline of Jogja. I think it was IDR 8,000 (USD 0.8)?

Es Nini Thowong at Solo! Tastes very interesting, I like!

Racikan Selat Solo at Nini Thowong Solo! IDR 25,000 (USD 2.5) and very yummy for me!

Pasta, Pizza and Zuppa Soup at Denaro. Taste pretty okay for me!

Homemade yi fu mee, chap cay and boiled egg!

Zuppa Soup (yea I love Zuppa Soup) and Bistik Galantin from Trubus! I love Trubus!

Homemade yellowish Soto Ayam! Daisuki!

Homemade Sardines Pasta. Quite okay, especially when I am extremely hungry that my pickiness is gone. Lol.

Japanese Instant Ramen and I added beef ribs and boiled egg. Funny taste, but still yummy!

Another Sardines Pasta because I had nothing to eat. Lol.

Chicken Steaks from Waroeng Steak! Really nice for such price!

Homemade toast and potato salad, plus a piece of boiled chicken breast with garlic. Lol at the red chicken.

The next day I ate the same thing; I added fried chicken meatball and wonton on my chicken breast soup.

Mum is home! And she cooked the Ayam Nanking lapis--very yummy! Also the mashed potato; I added so much pepper lol.

One crazy evening when I ate three bowls after work: Roll meat tomato stew, meatball soup and boiled chicken breast.

KFC! Love their Spaghetti, the Nachos and Potato tatter tots(?).

The legendary Mi Ayam Bu Tumini! Finally I tried one la. Very brown and rich. Wooooooot!

Lots of love ♥


  1. i love the first picture xD where your dog sniffs the food hahah it looks cute to me ~

    ._. how to made, yi fu mie, i need to know cz its also my favourite menu

    and good luck to your cooking skill too hahaha

    1. Lol yes she is cute. She loves sniffing at food. Surprisingly she hates pizza =X
      You need to learn it! Pretty easy actually when you get used to it. I might post a cooking recipe of yi fu mi someday because I cook it often XD

      Thanks and you too!

  2. *gasp*
    *and gasp some more!*
    you sure know your yummy food and took pictures of them.
    I usually dont have the time to take picture of my yummy food, because i terus eat when it arrived. LOL
    and do you mind telling me or making a post on how to make the sardine pasta? coz I feel like I can do it too (as you know, i hardly EVER cook :P) so, help? kekeke

    1. Lol Lol Lol! XD
      Me too recently I will always terus makan when food arrives but mostly at home I take things slowly (because my food will usually be ready before my movies start so yea :p) I have time to take pics XD

      Yes! Yes! I can send you the recipe XD I found it online I will send it to you later~


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