Monday, October 31, 2016

Twenty-four Thank You!

Hello twenty-four!

It felt like a normal day, just like other days. I bought a lapis cake to work and gave it to my colleagues to eat. Then one of my colleague said: happy birthday!

I was like: eee how do you know wo hai xiu!

Then the whole office was like yay clap clap clap happy birthday! in the morning and everyone shook my hands.

I never had so much attention and I was embarrassed to death. I didn't know what to do with so much attention to me. It has been ages since people treated me that way during birthday. I meant, I normally never tell people about that particular day and wanted to enjoy the day like normal because I don't know--probably it was my introvert side that acted up that way.

Nevertheless, I am very very grateful for the wishes, and the laughters! Thank you, office!

The evening after work, I brought Mum and Dad eating dinner at Marugame Udon that just opened at Amplaz!

Yay! Watashi udon daisuki!

Mum also surprised me with a tiny pink cupcake and two Hello Kitty biscuits! Yay! Mum knows me the best la!

My company also gave me a slice of cake! I am very happy! Thank you for the cute cake and the card!

Speaking of twenty-four...

I know I can no longer avoid that I am a fully grown up adult now. It is hard to think that way because I cannot help it but to see the bad side: more responsibilities, the urge and pressure (from family) to prepare myself for the what, unknown future?

I cannot say such irresponsible thing anymore la: unknown future? Then plan it. Okay, I think I have mentioned it last time that I have planned a little bit for my future and myself. Not that much but I think I can mention some raw points:

* I will start saving for a property investment.
This is Dad's idea. He told me I don't need to save for vehicles, or branded stuff, or luxurious holiday. He told me to make a house as a priority. I remember that very well and I will put it on my top list. I am not a filthy rich but I have always been having enough money to enjoy. I believe, if I put more love and energy in my works, I will have abundance of money. I just need to discipline myself and do what Dad's told me to, because I believe in him.

Although there were some light talks that I might have to follow my future husband someday, I am fine with that, but I will be open that I will have at least one property for investment as it is Dad's most valuable life lesson. I think that is a great idea that at least in this fluctuating economy, we have something guaranteed to ensure that we can live peacefully.

* I will start loving myself.
I used to care about people more than myself. I don't want to make people sad or angry, to the point that I had to sacrifice my feeling for them. This applies only to guys, because I had no problem with my female friends. I didn't have many guy friends to begin with so I am not experienced enough.

My parents told me that it was all not necessary. They told me: if he treats you worse than us, then don't ever sacrifice yourself to them. I understood that as if they make me unhappy, then I have no reason to stay friends or more with them. When I have a feeling to a guy, I take it seriously and I don't play--I don't give feelings to many guys at once. So when I am treated badly, I am fine to stop treating them well, or at some extreme points: completely cut off contact at all.

Some guys just want sex, some might need more time, and I will never let any of them make me unhappy, because I am in control on my end and I am free to pull the string, or chop it off. I will never let anyone pull me only for their selfishness.

I have learnt enough.

* I will save more
One fortune-teller I no longer remembered where told me that I am good in making money, but also good in spending it. I assume this is a challenge for me to resist temptations to buy expensive things. I don't fancy branded things (thankfully) so I am saving so much in clothes, shoes and mobile phones. I think I spend a little bit too much on food, though. But I am now starting to eat healthily and I exercise regularly.

* I will be braver, without regret
Thanks to my parents taught me, I have very little regrets in my life. They always told me to be brave, to try everything, to experience failures and falling down. They told me any choices I make is good, and even if it turns out bad, I learnt a valuable lesson. I will be braver in the future and will not regret anything, although some part of me sometimes step the brake and force my brain to think about the consequences.

* I will think kind, and do kind
Do you know that despite of my cute face, I am pretty evil?

Once I don't like someone, I will hate them so much to the point that I don't want to see their faces. I think it is the most ultimatum hate treatment I can give to someone. I even go as far as hating people on the first sight, even when the people don't even know about me. I am this evil lol.

It is so hard for me to forgive, it is almost impossible for me to unhate someone until at some point I cannot remember why I hate them in the first place. Unlike the popular saying: forgive, then forget, I never forgive anyone but I do forget about why I won't forgive them after some time. Idiot, aren't I?

It sounds really ridiculous, but it's me.

I hope as I grow older, I will be able to forgive people. Think kind, and do kind.

And in this featured post I want to present:

★Twenty-four Thank You☆

1. Thank you Dad, for always being so reliable and believe me in anything that I do. Also, for the yummy food, I can never be grateful enough.

2. Thank you Mum, for always taking my side no matter what, and again, for the yummy food. Nothing is like your yummy cookings!

3. Thank you Sis, for always comforting me, being my truest best friend and making me happy in my lowest and my highest. You are the funniest friend I ever have!

4. Thank you Miki, for always listening to my rambles, understanding my unspoken emotions and for hugging me on that day when I cried by myself. I really love your smell.

5. Thank you my Uni best friends, for always being so kind to me no matter how annoying and (probably) lazy I am. Also, for supporting each other during thesis defence.

6. Thank you my High school best friends, for always being so fun to be with. Also, for the badminton sessions at 5AM and for the dinner and movies.

7. Thank you my Uni lecturers, for being so funny and helping us in our Uni studies that we graduated well. Thank you for making my Uni years so fun to remember.

8. Thank you my High school teachers, for the life-lessons. Especially my class teacher for three years--you are just like my second Mum!

9. Thank you my late ah gong, for raising a very good man to be my Dad. Thank you for the kompiang and patting my head. I miss you.

10. Thank you my late ah ma, for raising a very good woman to be my Mum. Thank you for being very nice to me. Thank you for the hugs. I miss you.

11. Thank you my cousins, for being awesome da ge and da jie to me. Our age gap may be far but we were great buddies back then!

12. Thank you my uncles and aunties, for being interesting relatives to me. All of you never fails to make me laugh!

13. Thank you my A company's colleagues and supervisors! It was a short time when we worked together, but I learnt so much and I will never forget the days when we work until late at night daily.

14. Thank you my current company: the people who hired me, the people I am working with, my Producer, my Supervisor, my colleagues, my cross-colleagues, everyone else. I am so thankful!

15. Thank you my helpers, for being so kind to me and helping me in so many things, even with my homework.

16. Thank you my crush, for the butterfly and puppy-love I felt. Trust me, up to today I still think you are very handsome and fun. I will never forget the phone calls we had.

17. Thank you my old friends whom I no longer talk to. I am sure we had fun days before, thank you for coming to my life.

18. Thank you my late teachers who are no longer here. My memory might be deteriorating but the feeling will never fade.

19. Thank you my Internet friends who I meet randomly. Thank you for sharing fun stories from the other side of the world! My blogger friends, blogger mei mei and blogger jie jie, my random friends I met on Omegle, Mutant Robot, Lu brother, Meow Ranger, AzNur, Bear Da, Chika-chan and many more!

20. Thank you my old Internet friends whom I no longer talk to. The feeling left might not be pleasant, but I learnt very valuable lessons I won't find anywhere else.

21. Thank you for the people I no longer talk to. I will never forget what has happened, the anger and the tears. I have learnt very valuable lessons I will never get anywhere else.

22. Thank you for amazing founders who find technologies: electricity, lights, PC, internet, mobile phone, other gadgets and many more. Life has become more interesting.

23. Thank you Universe, Tian Kong, God, higher beings for giving me hope and strength in my best and in my worst. Thank you for making me believe that miracle exists as long as we believe in it and we work hard on it.

24. Lastly, thank you for the future people I am going to meet! I am now working hard to be my best self and in the future, I want to have fun, enjoy life and help people. Until then, let's enjoy today!

Love, peace and happiness for everyone.
I wish for the best for everyone and everything!

Don't forget to smile,

♪ 2016年10月26日

Lots of love ♥


  1. awww.. and thank you too for wanting to be internet buddies with me!

    When I was reading your thank yous; 1. Westlife - Picture in My Head was playing in my head, 2. I laugh out loud at no.22 hahaha, 3. You made me realize, there are so much more to thank for in life and you made me want to lessen my whining/complainig xP

    Happy Belated birthday Jess (if I havent greeted you already! I am sorry!) and your mummy's mini cake is the cutest!

    1. Heheheheh!! Thank you very very much AzNur you are the best Unnie I ever had! *hugs* Haahahah you make me wants to put westlife in my playlist again :3

      And thank you very much! Woov you!


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