Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trello is the life-saver!

The first time I was introduced to Trello was when I first started working, by my ex-Producer.

It was supposed to be a hub to connect our entire team members so that each of us can update about our work progress status seamlessly there.

Trello is very new to me back then, but thanks to their very friendly User Interface, I learnt about it very quickly!

So what is Trello?

It serves a purpose as an organising board which lets me, you and everyone else 'stick' cards just like sticky note on it, and group it based on categories we can make on our own!

Also, that's not only it. There are great features such as labels, checklists, alarms or reminders, and attachments!

The best of all, it can be used among group of teams just like what I did before with my work team mates, or if you prefer to use it personally just like me, it is totally doable and perfectly easy for all of us!

Here is the view of my Trello:

0. This entire view is called Board.
1. Lists, it collect Cards and group it.
2. Cards, arranged inside Lists. Cards can be dragged anywhere in the List or between Lists.
3. Menu, shows the basic menu for our Trello Board.
4. Members, shows who can access the Trello Board.
5. Activity, shows the activity logs of what has happened inside the Trello Board, and who does what.

So basically, on our Board, we have several Lists that can group Cards. The Cards can be moved leisurely anywhere on the List, or even between Lists.

If you click on one of the Card, it will show you the interface of a very advanced notes with checklist, attachment, label and many more!

0. View of the Card.
1. Image from Attachment.
2. Title or name of the Card, in the corresponding List name.
3. Label of the Card, see how we can add multiple Labels in one Card.
4. Add button, adding Labels, Checklists, Attachments for the Card.
5. Attachments are shown here.
6. Checklists are shown here.
7. Comments can be added here. Comments will appear in sequence, together with Cards' activities under the field.

As for me, I use Trello to organise my To-Do List. I always have a simple To-Do List app on my Phone and since I use Trello, it is way more revolutionary than ever!

I also put notes there on the corresponding Cards and Trello keeps it all! Although for keeping notes, I prefer Microsoft OneNote for its seamless usage (this will be in another post, stay tuned!).

I arranged my Lists to: To-Do, WIP and Done. I put what I want to do in Cards and stack it on my To-Do List, I put the Cards on WIP List when I am working on it, and once I am done doing the Cards, I drag it to the Done List.

You can see on my personal Trello Board, I have several noticeable Cards.

On To-Do List:
- Second Set of Line Stickers,
- Buy new MOTORBIKE?!
- Buy brand-new PC?!
- and many more, quite personal actually haha.

On WIP List:
- Blog post ideas, this contains all my post ideas.
- Drawing ideas, contains all my drawing ideas.
- Holiday 2016, notes on what kind of holiday I want to have this year, along with the plan to renew my Passport for next years overseas trip!
- Watch Ranma 1/2, just a mandatory Anime Card I put on WIP List in order for me to watch more Anime, finish more Anime and create more Anime Cards.
- and many more.

On Done List:
- Personal Web Revamp, I redesign my blog and website hub and many more.
- Watch Ojamajo Doremi, a mandatory Anime Card I just finished.
- Papa Birthday Prezzie, a Card dedicated for me to get Papa Birthday Prezzie.
- and many more.

Now I use Trello daily on my own, and it works so well in organising my life! It works like a Vision Board as well, and it feels like when you stick notes (in Trello, it equals to Cards) on your board and see it anytime you want!

Trello is even better, it arranges your Cards in Lists for easier and more convenient purpose.

If you use Trello in group, you can arrange the Cards and add people in it, in case you want several people to be in charge for those Cards. If you specify some Cards to certain person, they will get the notification of it as well.

Also, Cards can have their deadlines as well. Just add the due date and Cards will give you reminders on when will it due from 1 day before, 12 hours before and a few hours before.

You can customise everything as well! If you want to change how the List works other than mine, here are some great samples:

More samples: here.

Source: here

Source: here.

Source: here.

Source: here.

Source: here.

You can use it in other ways just like samples above, or do it like mine where I only have three Lists: To-Do, WIP and Done. Either way, Trello helps you a lot in organising things.

I love lists and to-do lists so upon knowing Trello for the first time, I fall in love deeply!

Also, you can access Trello from any platforms! I mostly use Trello on web, because I sit in front of PC at least 40 hours a week. I also have Trello app in my phone and it works equally well.

Trello helps you in organising your life to be better, sequenced and categorized. We have complicated life with so many matters to take care of, Trello simplify a little part of it, or if you use it well, Trello can simplify even more part of your life and you'll thank Trello for it!

Trello is amazing! Thank you very much, Trello developers. Trello helps me and everyone else so much and we have so much fun with it. I know lots of thought and consideration were put when designing this app and none has gone to waste. I love it so much!

By the way, have you seen Trello's mascot: Taco?

Taco is a very cute Siberian Husky that works as Trello's mascot. He will appear in our Boards every now and then, telling us some updated news and features about our Trello Boards.

You can play some mini games with Taco, as following:

Taco Game
Taco Out

These are mini games, but so clever and well-made! You can try these out!

Have fun with your Trello Boards, fellas!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Wahhh! Thank u for sharing! I wonder if this will work on my old laptop :s
    But i will try and search for my phone first hehe
    I've been trying to put my life together recently; that includes to continue with my DIY project and get back to my writings.
    I will give this trello a try if i can use it!
    Thanks Jes!

    1. It is on browser so I am very certain it will work on your Laptop! :D
      This might help you! I hope it will be very useful.
      You're welcome!

  2. i also use trello to organize task among my team hahaha

    hi taco !


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