Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Snapchat: It was fun while it lasted.

Around these months last year, I used Snapchat for a while.

Honestly, it didn't last long.

My main reason: I cannot use it daily.

If you have known me for quite a while, recently I really don't like having to log in to social websites daily. Although I used to, let's say I check on Twitter often (it was fun! It still is, but I just don't do it anymore), and I plurk a lot (I still do, sometimes, in private, but I also cannot maintain it daily).

Also, important thing to remember is that Snapchat is pointless if you cannot use it daily.

It is because Snapchat has an expiry system that will 'erase' all your postings and pictures after 24 hours. I think this is one of their unique and powerful point and for some, is really fun.

But for me, it was fun while it lasted.

I used Snapchat 99.9% to stupid Sis and nobody else. Then, I started to follow some famous people like JimChapman, MarcusButler, Grey the Rapper, Mayathedox, TheXiaxue, Dblchin and some more. I spent like almost half an hour daily looking at their stories.

It was fun, and I abandoned my life looking at my screen, at them doing stuff with their lifes. Not mine.

I didn't post stories, I sent goofy pics and sent it to stupid Sis, back and forth. I am pretty forgetful so this is a problem I faced in Snapchat--when I saw her reply to mine, I couldn't remember what I talked about previously.

And one of the Snapchat feature is that once you send your picture to someone else (not in the Story), you won't be able to see it anymore.

It is both good and bad thing la. But for me, I have always been forgetting what did I send, and yadda yadda so my Snapchat experience was nothing but empty pleasure.

I have my personal reason: I usually tend to reply people at later time and not directly after reading their messages, and being as forgetful as I am, this habit is a double-edged sword to me in Snapchat. I didn't know what were we talking about.

But I understand clearly, Snapchat is ideal for one-way sharing platform, not a fully chained communication. And I think their idea is really awesome and fun, with the filters, captions, clock, speed caption and many more. I was having so much fun with it.

One good thing I really liked (or hated) from Snapchat is that when you send someone a goofy picture worth screen-shotting and they do screen-shot your goofy picture; you'll get a notification about it.

I used to send so many goofy pictures to stupid Sis and she replied with even worse ones and we captured each other's pictures and sent it through Line, laughing at how goofy we were. It was fun and the way we can stamp emojis to our pics are great. I really like the global emojis that are remade, they looks really cute and pastel looking okay!

Also, the camera captures picture really well. I am surprised at the quality of Snapchat camera, it looked so good! Also the camera works faster even when it is compared with my phone stock camera--which bloody lags a lot.

One more thing I super liked from Snapchat: there are Trophy Case! We collect trophies from our activities in Snapchat and we will unlock it one by one if we use Snapchat more often.

My goofy face and my Trophy Case when I was still using it; I haven't unlocked everything before I stopped using Snapchat.

Although it is rare, but what makes me stay for a long time in one social websites is when they provide us an 'achievement system' that will grow as we use it more. See this Snapchat, as we use more often, they will unlock several parameters such as:

* Screenshot a snap, or 10 snaps, or 50 snaps will earn you evil emoji
* Send a snap, 10 snaps, 50 snaps will earn you faces emoji

And many others, see the list here.

I think this is one feature that is very useful to keep user retention rate high. For me personally, what made me return to Snapchat more and more was this Trophy Case feature.

Also, one more social website: Plurk. It is not as huge, but it was famous with its Karma system which is basically some numbers that will gain when we plurk daily, and will go low if we abandon it. The fun thing is that we cannot plurk too many things at once to rise Karma at instant because the system prevents it. This is meant so that we would visit and use Plurk regularly, and moderately.

To be honest sometimes it is so frustrating because for someone like me, I don't like having to log in to social website daily (as I mentioned above) and when I do have the time to log in, I really like to write a lot.

So, I have decided that the best platform that suits my behavior is Blogger itself. Because:

* I don't log in to social website daily,
* Once I log in, I like to write a lot of things.

I also like Twitter, it is like the second best because of it is flexibility, and it gives the best vibe of micro-blogging. But one of the drawback is that none of my friends are using it anymore therefore I kinda abandoned it as well--although I still install the app on my phone albeit I very seldom use it.

I don't do Facebook, although I often log in for a few minutes to check on stuff. Most of my friends and colleagues are using it and I really don't feel like joining to the club. As you have known--I avoid mainstream stuff because I don't like doing what people do. I know, sometimes I find myself weird but I find pleasure in doing something people around me don't usually do.

Thus, I stay blogging for seven years and counting!

I also don't do Instagram although it gives similar vibe as Twitter. I made one last year because my girlfriends told me to--it was addicting but I quitted in a short time that I don't think it worth a lengthy post (for now). Also I sorta find something that gives unfriendly atmosphere there, just like the users are racing to upload the best pictures they can take or have. They are also racing and fishing for likes and followers--well not everyone that I know, but certainly I see massive amount of spams, people selling followers and likes, people following, liking and commenting solely for a return (or returns?) and they kinda lose the essence of Instagram itself. But I don't understand, why?

Okay I know they earn money in some ways there but it is just not for me. So I only think, fuck off I am leaving.

I still do Plurk occasionally. Weirdly, I started using this around 7 years ago--ah, the same time when I started blogging!--and I stopped using it for a few years because I was focusing myself in blogging. Last year then I felt like rising my Karma again and I wanted to see how high will my Karma increase this time. So I returned--although I don't do it daily and I keep gaining and losing Karma as I proceed up to today.

See, this achievement system is really really helpful to boost retention; guaranteed!

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and wanting to create a brand new social technology, you may start to design an achievement system to bait your potential users to use your product longer. With better retention, it gives you chance to learn users' habit and then it lets you squeeze your brain and innovate.

So fun, right? I know, I have so much fun typing this post.

I am currently learning about users behavior: what makes them stay and what makes them leave. This also applies to any softwares, applications, mobile apps and many more. By learning their behavior, we can conclude on what to improve and what to fix. All of us are learning, win-win situation.

All is well.

Thank you Snapchat for a really fun time, I had so much fun. I might return to you someday in the future, probably when I have upgraded my phone to a better one, with a better front camera. *wink*

Lots of love ♥


  1. I'm too old for snapchat :((
    Tapi suka iseng-iseng nyobain filter nya karena lucu2. tapi personally aku lebih suka SNOW karena lebih banyak variasi & lebih lucu2 :D

    1. I think me too! I've grown Snapchat out ;) Ohhh iya Snow lucuk banget! Pernah coba Egg? Itu juga lucuuu heheh :D

  2. Hahahah yeah it really fun tho. My friends always told me to play with those snapchat things. :))
    Walaupun jarang banget main, tapi kayaknya serunya Snapchat tuh di situ ya. Bisa bego2an dan ga jelas doang. Muahahah. :))


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